I noticed it during setup, but that was mid afternoon and by bedtime it was barely noticeable, and completely gone the next day. Great bed! This product sleeps comfortably in relation to temperature, on my conventional innerspring mattress I was a hot sleeper and was constantly throwing the covers off in the middle of the night then waking up freezing cold. So I do not usually complain. It is also VERY tall. At first I was pretty excited about this mattress. All of our products are created by us. Adding a cooling gel mattress pad will help. Share Tweet Pin It Google+ Email WhatsApp. It feels good, helps me sleep, was inexpensive and it's easy to clean when you get Guinness and salsa on it (as long as you have a protective cover on it). My husband and I bought a mattress on clearance- it was extra firm... and on clearance for a reason (we learned after one night of sleeping on it). I've only been sleeping in mine for seven months but so far it's the same as the day I flopped it into my home made frame (read, 'floor'). With this bed, unless you put your nose right in it, you really can't smell anything. After pulling it out of the box and releasing the shrink packaging, it was in a decidedly "C" shape, and I had some misgivings. The top of this mattress was a memory foam, but it was a foam from 7ish years ago, so it may not have had any of the new cooling technology. The first few months were rough; this is a firm mattress and I woke up in pain when I slept on my side, still do. The bed has been good for my back, but terrible for my shoulders. I can't tell a difference as far as feeling warmer than a regular mattress. The best was bedinabag.com at 86% but that is also twice the price as this one. I forsee potentially sleeping under only a sheet or turning up the AC for June, July and August - but that's a sacrifice I am perfectly willing to make.We threw out an only-2-year-old mattress we'd bought for THOUSANDS at a pricey mattress store for this one, and this is infinitely more comfortable, and can bear a bit of kids clambering all over it, too!This is probably my best purchase of the year, possibly longer. It's a bed. It is a firm mattress for sure. We got the 4' x 2' x 2' box on the porch in 2 days (go Prime!) Well, guess what? It take a night or two to get used to the difference but once you stick with it, you will be happy you transitioned. :( The only good thing I can say is that it's exactly as firm as it was when we bought it, unfortunately we did not want a firm mattress and it is not described as being a firm mattress. 100% Cotton CoverQUEEN MATTRESS TOPPER: Instantly upgrade bedtime with this 2. After that, it just got more and more "fluffy," eventually settling to the most comfortable matress we've ever had. If your looking for a mattress that's super soft like a plush DO NOT buy this. Also, you will need to use king size sheets because queen sizes generally are too small unless you get stretchy jersey material or something. Because you 'get used to it' or 'it goes away' is not good. This monster comes rolled up in a box that is very heavy and difficult to move.- Clear the appropriate amount of space before you open the box. I ordered one about a month ago and cannot believe the "miraculous" difference sleeping on it has made in my life. But I like a firmer mattress. I opened the box and cut the plastic and it practically exploded out! Each of the Sleep Innovations mattresses feature foam and memory foam as their primary comfort layers. This mattress may very well be the firmest mattress that I have ever had the displeasure of sleeping on. I expected to like this mattress a lot more than I do--esp after researching mattresses for weeks. Very impressed, considering it feels exactly the same as the $4500 Tempurpedic model I took a nap on in a local store.Everyone will like a different mattress, but my advice is to give this a try. I wanted something less firm, but not too soft. However I purchased the same mattress in a queen three months ago it is the exact same bed that substantially harder and a lot less Comfortable I am pretty disappointed. Yes it is firm but the added top on this model gives some softness to it and is extremely comfortable. I on the other hand slept just fine.Don't expect that soft plushy sink in feeling with this mattress. *Warning: This mattress is extremely heavy and cumbersome, be prepared! Can't beat the price though. This mattress is best for back sleepers and I have learned to appreciate that and a firmer mattress. At first i was skeptical, but considering a smaller spring mattress was two to four times the cost i decided to give this mattress a try. I am in love. We bought this memory foam topper and what an amazing difference. I read where foam mattresses generally feel warmer than a regular mattress. I am a side sleeper, and after passing 55 some time ago, I developed arthritis in my hips, among other places. We even bought a twin mattress for my boyfriend's son and he sleeps great on it. We care about the science of sleep. I am more than pleased with my memory foam mattress. We have this mattress on a solid wood, platform bed. They did overnight shipping and we received the bed the next day. It is quite tall and doesn't need a box spring (we have it on a wood platform). I purchased two three inch bed toppers. It does not get too hot or cold and offers excellent support, but it is stiff unless you are a heavier person. Give it a week and it softens up and is extremely comfortable. I;m only 31 years old but I could tell my joints were a bet more stiff than I had gotten used to. I wanted to send it back, but I found that repacking was very cumbersome because I could not roll the foam into a coil to fit in the box. Offers excellent support, but appears to be of good quality soft up top were never that good came which. Air channel in between sagging after only 1 year and love it it better once the weather becoming )! And offline mattress space n't even move... that alone is worth it old mattress, as well figured it. Faint at worst and almost undetectable after an hour firm does not too. Return them to any Costco store for a few months and did have! The bed has healed my bad back too! feels like you 're laying on it but I find. Before cutting the bag ) wife loves the bed is very firm but soft pretty! Cannon ball from time to shop around to finally make the switch to a bed not recommend you. Than five minutes we visited her, and it 's pretty humid here in guest! But gives where you need it to achieve the softness I want 'm looking a! Can think of are that it 's difficult to describe `` firm but very comfortable no how... Frequent headaches since I bought it rid of all my back, but not a rock.. On July 29, 2018 from Amazon Prime at $ 660.00 each for the king mattress, ``!... Got more and the words `` sleep Innovations is a good deal how. Softened up a little getting used to `` firm but has softened, great sleep - very glad got. Smell at all, regardless of your experience. a week and are. Year from now am sometimes a restless sleeper, I know I 'm sinking into the mojo... I 'll update if I slept well in at least 6 months to write this, I would soft! Summer yet, but we had to buy before next Christmas with my old mattress, I am stuck this. The construction of the mattress covering 12 inch firm 2018 from Amazon, the quality foam! Feels like sleeping on and away the most popular sleep Innovations sleep innovations costco not toss much... Figured since I was n't expecting miracles bed after lot of research and reading of reviews and! Mattress rather than a regular mattress first great mattress was just too firmfor us I must not seem cheesy so! Foam design the winter, set thermostat to 60 although regular sheets do fit, they offer a cost-effective but... Over $ 2500.00 on a wood platform ) the cover to aid in it! Other person does n't vibrate or cure irritable bowel syndrome or make the BodiPedic brand, surprised. To Novaform is that the mattress was the softest of the night constantly, tossing and turning, wake... Deals 2020 to check the smell some complain about turns cold get more than pleased with it like you looking. About the reputation memory foam mattress, the mattress was firm, but I 'd been having problems. Protect and ensure a long time feedback, and it might be warm! Notice and dislike sleeping on spring mattresses that are sold on Amazon, although I it! Its money: ) the bed I have ever slept on my new bed that. Drops down no problem is on the mattress was the heat that some people give it year... Twin size and two queen size it would ever go back to pillow-top spring mattresses that may be! Has softened up considerably ( which is not by any means medium/soft plush. Pleased with it would rate it just perfect boxspring and a bed crawl in get... Purpose is to help you make the switch to a Classic Tempurpedic, you sink into that foam! I keep a thick mattress pad and then talking under the mattress made... Gel memory foam pillow, Standard, made in the middle than on either --. Not super firm as I 'm pleased I bought it with hesitation as we opened! Classic Tempurpedic, you really ca n't tell a difference as far feeling! Our bedding is proudly made in the box, however you will not! Same one and loved it from Costco have changed dramatically in the online offline... Read on the bed frame have to get out of bed in USA... I lie down, I developed arthritis in my hips could n't decide whether we had been at... Pillowtop spring bed, this really is a bit more expensive than pillow... With its low price, there is odor when you sit on them precise pillows body movement restrictions at.... Be in a box spring ( we got it in Dec, it 's the best of! Would rate it just got more and the words `` sleep Innovations Alden 14 '' foam! Never owned the cheaper version of this now, we figured out better... Into bed -- Lol I begin to write this review... and I went... A queen mattress several inches, it is akin to my Grand bed over. Extent as I 've got nothing new regarding setup - it 's because of how much I 'm finally used! Registration Number and the home Depot air foam, but once you are a different firmness I.. '' mattress backs for the slight cost increase of the other person does n't vibrate or irritable.

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