Get 30+ Free Elementor widgets with PowerPack Lite. Installation. $4.99. Now, you can save all that time with PowerPack’s Magic Wand  – Cross-Domain Copy Paste feature for Elementor. PowerPack Pro for Elementor. Plugins and themes under GPL License. Select from a wide range of elementor addons and widgetsthat meet your design requirements. Take Elementor to next level with 70+ Essential Elementor Widgets and more. Do you build multilingual websites? Changelog; My Account; ... Take Elementor to next level with PowerPack add-on and build beautiful websites faster than ever. Current version: 2.2.1 Updated on: December 4, 2020; Author/Publisher: Ideabox Instantly download the PowerPack for Elementor at a large discount, with 1 year of updates. Take Elementor to next level with 70+ Essential Elementor Widgets and more. Pay once and enjoy the all the features and updates for the lifetime. PowerPack Lite for Elementor Creating a page with Elementor Sign in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on the Add New option under Pages. Checkout. They’re made with 100 percent pure and natural ingredients you can see and recognize, have zero grams of trans-fats, and no cholesterol, hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. PowerPack Components is a feature enhancement plugin for Elementor Pro plugin. We have categorized templates into popular categories such as Hero, Testimonials, FAQs etc. Download PowerPack Elements at GPL Vault. Download Nulled Changelog for PowerPack for Beaver Builder - Version - 2.13.0 Nulled - == 2.13.0 == Release date: December 15, 2020 * Enhancement: Added an option in PowerPack extensions setting to disable WordPress Lazy Load * Enhancement: Third party CSS files now load only when required. This site uses cookies and third-party scripts to provide certain services. These advanced widgets by PowerPack will improve your workflow for all kind of websites. Take control over every section and widget’s display withextensive display conditions and rules. If you have an issue within 14 days which we can’t solve via support, you’re more than welcome to a full refund! White Label settings not being saved correctly. Elementor 2.0 Compatible. Creative Widgets Take Elementor to next level with a new set of creative widgets and a whole new range of design possibilities for your websites. Every Elementor widget in PowerPack is built for solving problems and help you do more in less time. PowerPack is the original Elementor addon to introduce an array of search engine oriented widgets. They quickly addressed the issue and released an update to incorporate my request the next day. Added styling options for Checkbox and Radio buttons in Gravity Forms widget. PowerPack Elementor addon gives you a set of specialized WooCommerce widgets.So, you can create beautiful, user-friendly eCommerce websites faster than ever. BUY NOW! No coding required! No … I noticed it was lacking one feature which they so graciously added in the next release. Combine these sections and create a flawlessly working website or a beautiful landing page. Overview. Bear Naked’s signature Fruit & Nut and Peak Protein granolas are now available in new Bear Naked Morning Power Packs. Build beautiful Elementor websites faster than ever with PowerPack Elements. You can customize PowerPack with your own name and branding. With its advanced white-label branding feature, you can make it all yours. Couldn’t be happier! Take Elementor to next level with a new set of essential addons for elementor and a whole new range of design possibilities. Share on twitter. Donate Now. Includes 150+ professionally designed section blocks, that can be imported easily and further customized in just a few clicks. These advanced widgets by PowerPack will improve your workflow for all kind of websites. How about adding a special message for a given date range or day? Display Conditions (visibility rules) to widgets/sections, Video Gallery – Dailymotion video was not working in lightbox, Posts – Formatting issue when no posts found message is displayed, Posts – Posts per page option was not working with Show Only Sticky Posts, Table – Hide table header option was giving error with responsive table, Image Gallery – Masonry gallery was not working inside modal popup, Image Gallery – Tilt Effect was not working correctly when Pagination is enabled, Updated code for offcanvas to avoid conflict with FA kit, Video Gallery – Horizontal and vertical spacing options for filters, Posts – Updated code to hide filters when there are no posts in query, FAQ – Removed dynamic tags from ACF repeater field name options, Added page templates in PowerPack Template Library, Timeline – Connector background color option was not working for Horizontal layout, Posts – Not found message was not showing when no search posts were found, Posts – Dynamic background image was not working in custom template skin, Image Gallery – Images not displaying correctly inside Advanced Accordion, Tabs and Toggle widgets, Login Form – Lost Password Text option was not working, Login Form – Styling options for lost password form were not working, Woo Add to Cart – Redirection to cart was not working, Showcase – Videos were not playing in video and devices widgets if used in Showcase widget as saved template, Buttons – Tooltip position option was not working, Image Hotspots – Minor CSS glitch in hotspot glow effect, Woo Products – Open in a new tab link options, Content Ticker – Options to show post date and time, Advanced Menu – Close icon background color option, Posts – Options to open links in new tab for post title, post image and post button, Image Gallery – Border and border radius options for thumbnails, Login Form – Options to change lost password form fields, Recipe – Updated recipe description textarea control to wysiwyg control, Categories – Added category ID to categories, Woo Products – Added link to product page from quick view title, Content Ticker – Added recommended icons for post author and category, Woo Offcanvas Cart – Subtotal alignment and padding options were not working, Woo Checkout – Message box style options were not working, Registration Form – PHP fatal error in case of global widget, Google Maps – Added ‘vw’ and ‘vh’ units support for map width and height, Info Box Carousel – Border radius option for slides, Woo Add to Cart – Style options for quantity field, Posts – Search form for Saved Template skin, PHP error in Elementor editor if WooCommerce is disabled, WooCommerce builder widgets now don’t show  up in editor if WooCommerce builder is disabled, Renamed Posts widget to Advanced Posts widget, Logic to deactivate PowerPack Lite if PowerPack Pro is active, Info Box, Info Box Carousel – Option to show button in case of link type box, Timeline – Typography option for marker type text, Image Hotspots – Option to keep tooltips always open, Image Hotspots – Typography option for hotspot type text, Login Form – Lost Password and Password Reset Functionality on Same Page, Timeline – If we disable date, the title of cards also gets disabled, Contact Form 7 – Added submit button controls that were missing in last version, Posts – Issues related to query and filters in which even if a post is restricted in the query then on selecting tags in filters posts of other categories also show up, Logo Grid – Greyscale option was not working in editor, Info Box Carousel – Pagination in case of cube effect, Advanced Menu – Issue in which the menu closes on clicking the parent item which has children too because the parent item has # on it, Breadcrumbs – Pages text was shown when used on pages, Updated arrows control in Logo Carousel, Image Slider, Coupons, Info Box Carousel, Team Member Carousel, tabbed gallery, Testimonials and Categories widget, Added PowerPack Template Library button to add element area, Registration Form – Password strength meter was not working, Posts – Box border radius was not applying over images, Info Box Carousel – Image icon was not showing on frontend, Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 5.5, PHP Fatal error in PowerPack starter version, Woo My Account – Error in button style options, Video, Video Gallery – Dynamic thumbnails support, Popup Box – Widget was fetching the page’s content when Content option is set to Content, Testimonials – Box shadow on thumbnail navigation images, Toggle – Active toggle color was not working, Posts – Pagination was showing duplicate posts, Testimonials – Box shadow option for image, Advanced Accordion – Toggle icon align option, FAQ – More styling controls for FAQ widget, Image Slider – Equal height option for thumbnails, Woo My Account – Spacing control for buttons under Order Section Table, Tabbed Gallery – Tabs container styling options, Team Member Carousel – Border radius option for member box, Login Form – Option to change remember me text, Tiled Posts – Responsive controls for height, horizontal spacing, vertical spacing and border radius controls, Posts – Added responsive controls to all border radius options, Tiled Posts – All posts now have same height on mobile resolution, Posts – Image height issue in portfolio skin in case of masonry layout, Testimonials – RTL issue in testimonials carousel, Hotspots – Hotspot text was not visible on hover, Magic Wand – Copy paste functionality on multisite network, Offcanvas Content – Offcanvas was not working when multiple instances of widget are used on same page, Products – Pagination issue for main query, Advanced Menu – Flickering of dropdown links on hover, Formidable Forms – Formidable form pro fixes, Header/Footer Builder – Support for all themes, Info Box – Hover color options for title, subtitle and description, Advanced Tabs – Tabs position option for vertical alignment layout, Team Member Carousel – Box styling options, Gravity Forms – Thank you message styling options, Breadcrumbs – Separator styling for rank math plugin, Image Slider – Fraction pagination option, Image Slider – Fancybox options for carousel skin, Background Effects – Z-index option for background effects, Admin settings to change login and register pages, Image Gallery – Image link was not working with tilt option enabled, Image Gallery – Load more was not working when used as post template, Posts – Query ID option was not working for main query, Posts – Pagination was not working in case of global widgets, Advanced Menu – Typography line height was not working, Team Member Carousel – Email and phone icons were not working, Image Slider – Added more options for Fancy Box lightbox, Advanced Menu – Option to add custom toggle icon, Google Maps – Added dynamic control to Custom Marker Icon option, Advanced Tabs – Title typography was not working for responsive layout, Google Maps – Custom marker position issue, Image Hotspots, Flipbox, Google Maps – Dynamic link tags were not working, Timeline – Focus date styles were not working, Timeline – Custom marker styles were not working for horizontal layout, Advanced Menu – Issue with thickness option, Breadcrumbs – Style issues with Yoast plugin, Woo Mini Cart – Cart button alignment issue with dropdown position, Posts – ppe_posts_filters and ppe_posts_terms filter hooks, Offcanvas Content, Offcanvas Cart – Floating Toggle option, Image Gallery, Album – Caption support for Elementor lightbox, Icon List – Background color and hover color options for text, Woo Checkout – Border radius option for input fields, Woo Checkout – Returning customer box style options, Formidable Forms – Radio & checkbox label color and typography options, Fluent Forms – Radio & checkbox label color, typography and box shadow options, Fluent Forms – Background and text color options for focus state of input & textarea, Advanced Tabs, Advanced Accordion – Title HTML Tag option, Woo Products – Option to change Quick View button text, Woo Products – Border option for Add to Cart button, ACF and post terms support for display conditions, Woo Products – Updated slider JS to work inside tabs and toggle widgets, Video, Video Gallery – Made whole image clickable, Formidable Forms – Linked Radio & checkbox primary label with Label style options, Advanced Menu – Issue with toggle button thickness option, Advanced Accordion – Title HTML Tag option, Advanced Menu – Minor CSS fix in toggle button, Gravity Forms – Focus background color option, Posts – ACF custom fields data in Posts Skin template, Image Gallery – Load more button was showing even when there were no more photos to load, Image Hotspots – Hotspot icon was not showing in editor, Album – Fancybox lightbox thumbnails were not working, Woo Products – Carousel arrows in RTL layout, Woo Mini Cart – Not able to click on mini cart when margin top is set, Offcanvas Cart – Conflict with advanced menu off canvas layout, Advanced Menu – Dropdown style controls in case of off-canvas and full-screen layouts, Advanced Menu – Close icon color and size options were not working, Offcanvas Cart – Image width option was not working on frontend, Gravity Forms – Added custom style to dropdown option, Toggle – Replaced Headings Spacing text with Labels Spacing, Posts – Added ability to choose more than one taxonomy for filters, Woo Checkout – Added responsive controls to border radius and padding controls, Magazine Slider – Updated Choose Arrow control type, Advanced Menu – Improved the Toggle Button size option, Woo Checkout – Updated Headings selector to avoid conflict with some themes, Advanced Menu – Dropdown Minimum width option, Advanced Menu – Toggle Button padding option, Advanced Menu – Toggle Button hover border color option, Advanced Menu – Toggle Button Box Shadow option, Offcanvas Cart – Close button icon size option, Offcanvas Cart – Empty Cart Message style options, Products – Link to Product options for Title and Image, Timeline – Option to turn on/off Infinite Loop in horizontal layout, Label style options were not appearing in Toggle widget, Layout style options were not appearing for Masonry layout in Instagram Feed widget, Quick view slider arrow icons were not appearing in Woo – Products widget, PHP notice for back button in Flip Box widget, Updated saved template controls in widgets to ajax based controls, Moved Switch Style option to settings section in Toggle widget, Menu toggle button hides when full screen menu is open in Advanced Menu widget, Updated description textarea control to WYSIWYG control in Info Box widget, Update default value of autoplay speed to 3000 in Team member carousel, Info box carousel, Instagram Feed, Logo carousel, Card slider and Content ticker widgets, Renamed ‘Content’ label to ‘Content Container’ in Posts widget, Renamed ‘Excerpt’ label to ‘Content’ in Posts widget, Option to change default display section in Toggle widget, Background, border and padding options for content in Toggle widget, Option to randomize logos in Logo Carousel widget, Option to close offcanvas bar on links click in Offcanvas Content widget, Pause on Interaction option in Team member carousel, Info box carousel, Instagram Feed, Logo carousel, Card slider and Content ticker widgets, Active filter style options in Video Gallery widget, Fixed: Fatal error in Faq schema file in last version, Row background was not applying to mobile layout in Table widget, Editor was not opening when button is enabled in Info List widget, Overlay was not working in video and video gallery widgets, Remove item icon color option was not working in Offcanvas Cart and Mini Cart widget, Autoplay option was not working in Instagram Feed widget, Support for multiple FAQ schema widgets on same page, Added conditions to query controls in Posts widget, Option to turn on/off schema in FAQ widget, Default active tabs option for posts and ACF source type in FAQ widget, Swiper sliders breakpoints issue after updating to Elementor 2.9.5, Search form loader was not working in Posts widget, Close button margin and padding options were not working in Popup Box widget, Slick slider issue when used as template in Toggle widget, Added empty gallery message in editor in Album, Image Gallery and Image Slider widgets, Added notice if no form is selected in forms widgets, Added ajax query controls in Posts widget for improved loading speed in editor, Slider speed option in Team Member Carousel and Instafeed widgets, Ajax search form button position option in Posts widget, Menu Order and Relevance option for Order By option in Posts widget, Box background option was not workixng for Carousel layout in Overlap skin in Posts widget, Width option for checkout button in Woo Cart widget, Cell icon image option stopped working after Elementor version 2.9.0 in Table widget, Button Icon Position and Icon Spacing options in Add to Cart widget, Carousel disappearing issue when arrow border color is set in Woo Categories widget, Image link option in Instagram Feed widget, Icon color option was not working for SVG icons in Offcanvas Cart widget, Horizontal timeline in Timeline widget was not working properly when used inside Tabs or Toggle widget, Moved icon rotation option to content tab in Info Box widget, Updated default length of limited content to 30 words in Posts widget, Improved stying of sortable header in Table widget, The default value of Icon Vertical Align option is set to center in Table widget, Removed Google+ icon option from Team Member Carousel widget, Review Order table cell padding option in Woo Checkout widget, Option to hide additional information box in Woo Checkout widget, Coupon bar toggle typography option in Woo Checkout widget, Border, border radius, box shadow and padding options for coupon form in Woo Checkout widget, Style options for columns in Woo Checkout widget, Active link color options for dropdown menu in Advanced Menu widget, Option to show filter posts count in Posts widget, Meta items spacing option in Posts widget, Related products option in Products widget, Option to show or hide sortable dropdown in Table widget, Sortable Icon Color option in Table widget, Options to change style for first and last cells in Table widget, Error field label color and typography options in Formidable Forms widget, Error field border option in Formidable Forms widget, Error fields background color option in Caldera Forms widget, Error fields box shadow option in Caldera Forms widget, Error typography options in all Forms widgets, Support for Elementor custom attributes for links in all widgets with link option, Cart table border option in Woo Cart widget, HTML tag options for heading and sub heading in Promo Box widget, Border collapse option for Cart Table in Woo Cart widget, Some of the style controls were not responsive in Timeline widget, Youtube video controls were not working in Devices widget, Filters were not working for Saved Template skin in Posts widget, Icon positions top and bottom were not working in Advanced Tabs widget, Close button Position options (Window – Top Left and Window – Top Right) were not working in Popup Box widget, Spaces in body classes in case of CSV file in Table widget, Tabs layout on mobile in case of more than 3-4 tabs in Tabbed Gallery widget, Tabs alignment option for responsive layouts in Advanced Tabs widget, Space between tabs option for responsive layouts in Advanced Tabs widget, Added support for multiple filter taxonomies in Posts widget, Added support for multiple post terms in Posts widget, Moved alignment and space between tabs options to Tabs section in Advanced Tabs widget, Moved Additional Info option into Button section in Price Table widget, Moved Alignment option to Style tab in Price Table widget, Updated maximum limit for autoplay speed in Card Slider widget, Pagination position option in Posts widget, Option to turn on or off ajax pagination in Posts widget, Option to Prevent Page Scroll in Popup Box widget, Option to disable popup on tablet and mobile in Popup Box widget, Horizontal Spacing and Vertical Spacing options for tiles in Magazine Slider widget, Currency Format option in Price Table widget, Custom style option in Advanced Tabs widget, Description Visibility option in Showcase widget, Show Buttons option was not working in Devices widget, Video play button was not changing to pause button while video was playing in Devices widget, Default mute icon was not working in Devices widget, Removed option to change play icon in Devices widget, Custom currency option was not working in Price Table widget, Breadcrumbs were not showing product categories on single product page in Breadcrumbs widget, Updated dynamic option of CSV upload function to support ACF fields in Table widget, Loading animation color option in Image Gallery widget, Option to to change size of submenu indicator in Advanced Menu widget, Option to change currency size in Price Table widget, Option to change currency position in Price Table widget, Support for Yoast, Rank math, Breadcrumb NavXT and SEOPress plugins in Breadcrumbs widget, Link was not working when fade effect is selected in Flip Box widget, Loop option was not working for self hosted videos in Devices widget, Post terms were not appearing for related query in Posts widget, Image stack option for News Skin in Posts widget, Carousel layout for News Skin in Posts widget, Error and confirmation message style options in Fluent Forms widget, Image spacing was appearing even if image was removed in Team Member widget, Removed maximum limit from excerpt length option in Posts widget, Renamed Space Between option of filters to Horizontal Spacing in Posts widget, Onepage Menu option in Advanced Menu widget, Vertical spacing option for filters in Posts widget, 3 new date format options in Posts widget, Coupon form style options in Woo Checkout widget, Responsive Support option in Advanced Tabs widget, Open by URL support in Advanced Tabs widget, Title HTML tag option in Image Accordion widget, Masonry layout in Instagram Feed widget in Instagram Feed widget, Option to show images without using API in Instagram Feed widget, Custom link option was not working in Showcase widget, Dynamic tags were not working in Timeline widget, Icon for tab set as active by default was not changing in Advanced Accordion widget, Percentage width for image for left and right alignment in Info Box widget, Lightbox was showing all photos in active filters in Image Gallery widget, Icon size option was not working for SVG icons in Advanced Tabs widget, Column option was not working in Woo Categories widget, Number rating format in editor in Review Box widget, Performance optimization for Display Conditions, Typography option for icon type number in Info List widget, Description option for captions in Image Gallery and Image Slider widget, Dynamic support to latitude, longitude and address title fields in Google Maps widget, Saved Template Skin option in Posts widget, Options to show message and search form when no posts are found in Posts widget, Post body parts and meta items order option in Posts widget, Thumbnail Location option in Posts widget, Justified layout option in Image Gallery widget, Day of Week option in Display Conditions extension, More styling options for Toggle Icon in Advanced Accordion widget, Border type and border width options for content in Advanced Tabs widget, Turning Post Meta off was turning off Post Terms in news and portfolio skins in Posts widget, Image spacing option was applying spacing on wrong side for right aligned image in news Skin in Posts widget, Image Comparison widget was not loading if it was used multiple time on same page, rel=nofollow tag was not working for button link in Price Table widget, Renamed label of Offcanvas Bar ‘Width’ option to ‘Size’ option in Offcanvas Content widget, Added percentage value support for Size option in Offcanvas Content widget, Added width option for images in news skin of Posts widget, Display Conditions extension was not working without saving settings on fresh installation, Menu was not being closed by clicking on on-page link in Advanced Menu widget, Widgets were being disabled in admin settings after recent update, Added style options for Confirmation Message in WPForms widget, Added centre mode and centre padding options in Testimonials widget, Icon custom number option was not working on frontend in Icon List widget, Bug with Display Conditions extension and Elementor forms widget, Added link option for hotspots in Hotspots widget, Woo Product Grid – Add-to-Cart button AJAX issue in skin 2, 3, 4, and 5, Added empty cart message style options in Woo Mini Cart widget, Added distance option for tooltip in One Page Nav widget, Responsive alignment issues in Woo Mini Cart widget, Minor CSS issue in top/bottom position in One Page Nav widget, Added trigger icon and trigger image alignment options in Popup Box widget, Added option to add icon text in Icon List widget, Added text vertical align option in Table widget, Added icon spacing option in Instagram Feed widget, Added image width option in Logo Grid widget, Added typography option for date in Timeline widget, Added image size option in Woo Products widget, Amount was not auto updating when a new product was added to cart in Offcanvas Cart and Mini Cart widgets, 1 column layout issue in Woo Checkout widget, Toggle button typography option was not showing in Offcanvas Content widget, Moved typography options to separate section in Advanced Menu widget, Added border widget option in Woo Products widget, Typography option was not showing for full screen and off canvas menu type in Advanced Menu widget, Dropdown menu icon issue in Advanced Menu widget, Woo checkout widget was not working properly on non-checkout pages, Added icon option for load more button in Posts widget, Added filters spacing option in Posts widget, Added starting number option in Counter widget, Added option to turn off responsiveness in Table widget, Added button position option in Price Table widget, Added bottom position option for preview in Showcase widget, Added centre mode option for scrollable navigation in Showcase widget, Removed direction option and added right direction by default for RTL languages in all slider widgets, Font size option was not working for load more button in Posts widget, Image link was not working in portfolio skin in Posts widget, Price with value zero was not showing in Price Table widget, Added direction option for horizontal layout in Timeline widget, PHP error in case of content type image in Toggle widget, Alignment of Load more button after load more action in case of heavy images in Image Gallery widget, Add new item button was not working in Google Maps widget, Card arrow was getting hidden beneath the box shadow of the card in Timeline widget, Added option to choose title HTML tag in content ticker widget, Album cover button icon was not appearing in Album widget, Added Gallery Type option in Image Gallery widget, Full screen menu now closes automatically when links are clicked in Advanced Menu widget, Columns option was not working for carousel layout in Video Gallery widget, Added Video title option in Video Gallery widget, Added Tiles border, border radius and box shadow options in Tiled Posts widget, Added Dynamic Fields support in Advanced Tabs widget, Updated Content text area field to WYSIWYG field in Advanced Tabs widget, Dropdown menu position in Vertical Layout option in Advanced Menu widget, Instagram Feed widget was giving error when user ID or access token field was empty, Added Text editor to WYSIWYG editor in team member widget, Added Preview overlay option in Showcase widget, Added 2 new pointer effects in Advanced Menu widget, Option to upload CSV files in Table widget, Added Link option was not working in Timeline widget, Added Dynamic content option to icon image and link options in Icon List widget, Info box carousel was not working inside tabs widget, Dots were not working when arrows were disabled in Logo Carousel widget, Option to trigger off canvas bar using element ID or element class in Offcanvas Content widget, WPML compatibility in Image Accordion, Advanced Accordion, Advanced Tabs, Breadcrumbs, Video, Video Gallery, Testimonials, Buttons, Flip Box and Image Gallery widgets, Icon vertical alignment option in Icon List widget, Spacing issue for feature image top position in Image Slider widget, Added options to link images to custom URL or attachment pages in Image Gallery widget, Breadcrumb support for blog page in Breadcrumbs widget, Added off canvas bar width option in Off canvas widget, Added close button alignment option in Off canvas widget, Added Burger icon label spacing option in Off canvas widget, Added Image size option in Logo Grid widget, Lightbox was showing wrong images when random order was selected in Image Gallery widget, Styling was not working for parent categories on single post in Breadcrumbs widget, Added Caption hover effects in Image Gallery widget, Added Icon align options in Info List widget, Keyboard Navigation for Card Slider Widget, WPForms widget was not showing for latest version of WPForms plugin, Breakpoint mobile option was not working properly in Advanced Menu widget, Icon position was not appearing for image icon type for table footer in table widget, Coverflow effect in Info Box Carousel and Logo Carousel widgets, Divided content options into section in Promo Box widget, Moved icon divider and number divider options to Counter section in Counter widget, Added Style options for icon and image in table widget, Renamed ‘Team Member Settings’ section to ‘General Settings’ in Team Member Carousel widget, Moved ‘Show Social Icons’ option to ‘General Settings Section’ in Team Member Carousel widget, Added Tabs for content and social links options in Team Member Carousel widget, Image Size option in Logo Carousel, Info Box, Info Box Carousel, Info List, Recipe, Team Member Carousel, Price Table, Price Menu, Counter, Icon List, Divider, Promo Box and Info Table widgets, Alt text to images in Logo Carousel, Info Box, Info Box Carousel, Info List, Recipe, Team Member Carousel, Price Table, Price Menu, Table, Counter, Icon List, Divider, Showcase, Promo Box and Info Table widgets, Updated Dots label to Pagination in Team Member Carousel widget, Added Columns gap and rows gap options in Instagram Feed widget, Added Dynamic image support in team member widget, Load more button issue in Image Gallery widget, Text, icon and image dividers width was fixed at maximum 600px in Divider widget.

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