Keeping the filter clean goes a long way to keeping your engine running right. For example, the thermostat of an outboard that runs in salt water will experience far more corrosion than thermostats in outboards primarily used in fresh water, and will need replacing more frequently. Low Pressure fuel pump diaphragm Set. Clearly the float is hanging up or the needle is jamming. Big Sky Country Helena, MT (Adel, IA home) Posts: 1,160. If the fuel pump is bad, you can keep the motor running by squeezing the primer bulb in the fuel line. If the fuel line becomes clogged, your car or vehicle will begin to exhibit certain telltale signs. Brand New. Hooked back up to spare- ran fine. All in all, while driving if you experience revving or sputtering and delayed acceleration, this clearly point towards the water in gas symptoms. Fuel line connectors in engine casing bypassed – line connected directly at low pressure fuel filter – same symptoms. C $19.05. And, fuel filters are cheap. This cover is a little bit wedged in there so I'm just going to take the pull start off to make them easier to get out. Does this sound like a bad fuel pump? Do you have a fuel shut-off valve, and if so, is it open? Low pressure fuel filter. walleye_wisdom. Okay there we go. Is the fuel line in okay shape? Whining noise coming from the gas tank; This is one of the earliest signs of a bad fuel pump. [Unclear] wants me to take the boat out of the water, to their shop, to pump out the fuel (at a high price). Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump. Two carburetors one for each cylinder and then just a front face plate. Buy … Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Clamp off the fuel line just upstream from the primer ball. From United States. One of the first symptoms of possible issue with fuel injection lines is a fuel odor coming from the vehicle. I started seeing smoke from my mirrors in the other cars' headlights coming out the tailpipe even when I wasn't driving it hard. Solving water in gas tank symptoms. When the outboard is running normally, the engine’s fuel pumps create a slight vacuum in the fuel hose. (12) C $12.74. Examine the fuel in a clear container. Looks white to me, but smells like fuel. This would be an indication that the fuel pump would be bad, if you can pump the bulb when the motor hesi-tates, & it will resume running until the carburetor goes dry again. The first signs of contamination can be seen in your fuel filter. So the procedure to adjust this has to begin without the engine running. I finally got it started and took off, got about 400yd away from the dock, stopped to get something in the boat and the motor died. Participant. Bad Fuel pressure regulator also show similar symptoms. 1. Trending at C $21.01 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Went to start the boat up today, it started really hard, and kept dying on me. Usually a bad or failing fuel hose will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential problem. If you’re at a 70 degrees spring day, not too hot out today and already in less than 30 minutes this tank has pressurized and really become quite rigid. It will either take your vehicle a few seconds to respond to the gas pedal before it accelerates, or it won’t accelerate at all.The faster you try to go, the more apparent this symptom will be. Check all fuel line connections and hose clamps. If the fuel is not clear or has a sour odor, the tank should be cleaned. July 16, 2006 at 9:31 pm #1250819. Your outboard’s owner's manual should tell you how often you should replace the thermostat(s). Fuel odor. Find and fix that leak. Some of the major causes are condensation of atmospheric pressure, the poorly sealed cap on tank’s top, and the bad top fuel pump. What are the symptoms of a bad injector? The fuel filter, therefore, sits anywhere along your car’s fuel line between the fuel tank and your fuel injectors (or carburetor in older cars). Before taking anything apart, check to see if your engines computer has any trouble codes saved in it. Fuel injector flow rates, atomization and distribution are affected and this can cause all sorts of drive-ability and performance problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s in-tank or in-line. Alejandro Uria is the co-founder of and I asked him if he could shed a little light on the most frequent carb problems. is either blockage (bad filter, kink, whatever), or your pump is shot. Tested with another tank/fuel line/bulb – same symptoms. 2002 19ft. 12 Symptoms of a Clogged Fuel Filter (How to Tell if a Fuel Filter is Bad) Lower Engine Performance; Any weak fuel filter will cause the engine to misfire and perform very low. It wouldn’t start up after that. The fuel line coordinates with various other parts of the fuel system such as the fuel pump, carburetor, fuel filters and fuel injectors. Timing is on, but I am getting lots of smoke out the tailpipe. fuel line with primer bulb. However, most modern cars now have the filter integrated right inside the fuel tank somewhere near the port where fuel exits the tank and into the fuel line. Buy It Now. Usually a bad or failing fuel hoses will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue. Listen for unusually air sucking sounds as you squeeze. Modern fuels have a shelf life of only a few months, especially when mixed with two-stroke oil, with the fuel leaving a black varnish or gum on the inside of the carburetor when it evaporates. There is a fuel line and there is a choke, though. There's six bolts here that hold this plate on and that's the plate that the reed valves attach to. If water is found, pump the tank dry from the fuel line or siphon the tank dry. If the cylinder has a leak, the pump pulse signal will not be strong enough to send the proper amount of fuel to the cylinder. These older small fuel … Atmospheric pressure in the tank through the vent pushes the fuel from the tank to the engine. While some gas engines – inboards, outboards, generators being the most common on cruising boats – have direct fuel injection, most have a carburetor. After all, they are part of the same system. Regardless of the type of fuel pump that your vehicle has, it will still manifest almost the same bad fuel pump symptoms. If it smells of gas it's bad. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. May 25, 2014 – At one point it lets me rev the motor then a few seconds later it sputters again till it dies. Visible cracks along exterior of the hose. There are physical signs that you can feel when your Mariner’s fuel filter is clogging. I would check the anti-siphon valve on the fuel tank. A fouled spark plug occurs when the plug isn’t burning fuel normally, leaving damage to the plug which can cause the engine not to start. Hard starting is usually the symptom though. A normal spark plug will appear dry with a grayish color. 11,803 Posts #4 • Aug 4, 2008. Fuel injectors are considered to be dirty when the hydrocarbons and additives which all forms part of today’s fuels, together with engine gunk and carbon, cause the injectors to become restricted. Bad fuels can come from water (condensation), debris (dirt or metal oxidation-rust), algae or varnish build-up as fuel ages. In this case, the check valves are both slightly open and allowing fuel flow at the rate that the engine is using it. Baystealth 1888 with Yamaha F115 (4 stroke) 2002 15ft Alumacraft with 25 Yamaha 4 stroke Squeeze the primer bulb and make sure fuel is flowing. Here’s a look at the more common manifestations of an impending fuel pump failure. A fuel demand valve is a solution that was made by the industry to be able to combat the problems that the new outboard fuel tanks were having. FUEL LINE HOSE ENGINE CONNECTOR 22-13563Q3 OUTBOARDS MERCURY MARINER YAMAHA 3/8 . Non return connection at tank. You should be able to take the fuel line off and then unscrew the barb from the tank fitting. The first symptoms of a problem started on a recent, night road trip. 2 product ratings - Mercury Outboard 200 20hp Fuel line adapter check unit 22833. Spark plugs. The outboard fuel pump has a sensitive diaphragm that receives a suction signal from a piston cylinder so the pump can deliver fuel. Once this happens, immediate cleaning will help, but the best will be a full replacement. If not, you have a leak. The valve is actually in the barb that the fuel line attaches to on the tank. The engine may throw a P0087 trouble code. If you step on the gas pedal and do not accelerate right away, then you are experiencing hesitation from the engine.This hesitation could be the result of bad fuel in the internal combustion chamber. As always, thanks for your ideas. I setup the other feed to fuel both engines out of the water separator and increased to 3/8" ports for better flow. Fuel system problems The most likely problems to beset older two-stroke outboard engines are with the fuel system. I recommend an in-line fuel filter placed before the fuel pump. Even a small air leak can lead to starting problems, especially if your motor is fuel injected. Using the vacuum pump apply a vacuum to the fuel line at the hose that is normally connected to the inlet of the fuel filter downstream from the lift pump. The [cause of the] problem [with poor running of the Mercury FOURTSTROKE 115-HP outboard engine] has been diagnosed as bad fuel. Having a faulty fuel pressure regulator can also show symptoms of a bad fuel filter. A clogged fuel line in the car is akin to clogged arteries. Over time fuel hoses can dry out, and begin to leak fuel vapors. I have a 2010. Any sort of fuel leaks should be addressed as soon as possible. Signs of a Bad Fuel Filter: Mercury Mariner Typical Fuel Filter. They sometimes fail and you get those kinds of symptoms, we had a similar situation on mates Striper. The 'good' engine still ran fine sharing the line and the 'bad' engine same problem. Outboard fuel problems. The fuel pressure regulator is responsible for maintaining the required pressure in the fuel rails. A clogged fuel filter(s), bad fuel line, faulty lift pump, faulty high pressure pump, bad pump grommets in the VST (Vapor Separator Tank), bad air compressor, faulty pressure regulator, faulty fuel rails or rail fuel lines, a bad tracker valve, bad fuel injector or a bad air injector are just a few of the items which can cause improper pressures. Inspect the water-separating fuel filter on larger engines. Even when I backed of the 'good' engine to see if it was hogging the fuel- didn't make a difference. A wet spark plug can indicate water in the fuel while a white residue on the plug can point to a plug that is too hot. You don't always see fuel. Outboard motors archive 2000-2004; FUEL PUMP PROBLEM SYMPTOMS. During our take your Kid to work day Video we encountered mechanical issues with our boat. See if the system will hold the vacuum. 1.

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