Renault Trafic Mercedes Vito. ... load volume of up to 6.6cu.m, a load length of up to 4 metres and a payload ... exterior dimensions, the Vivaro’s clever interior packaging and Vauxhall Vivaro dimensions – L2 These will not fit short wheel base models. Vehicles based on commercial models but adapted to passenger transport offering capacious interior space for both … The width measurement of 1956 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Opel Vivaro Combi 2015 without exterior mirrors and the value of 2283 millimeters with mirrors unfolded. Laura is also a Journalist in Media City, broadcasting in Television and Radio news. All new Transporter Kombi vans also include Front Assist with City Emergency Braking System to warn the driver of hazardous situations and is available with three versions of VW’s famed 2.0TDi engine, ensuring maximum performance. They have great fuel economy and their compact size make them perfect for most tradespeople, such as DJs, florists, photographers, plumbers, electricians and roofers. VAUXHALL VIVARO 2900 1.5D 100PS L2 H1 SPORTIVE panel van (integral) l2 diesel. If you're looking for the specific dimensions of the Peugeot Expert, you're in the right place. If you're working in a city, then a small or medium-sized van will be easier to get about in but if you are required to transport crew to and from a site then a crew van or minibus may be more appropriate. The Viva forms the entry point into the Vauxhall family, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to find it’s pretty small. How wide is the vehicle, 2001 Opel Vivaro Minivan? Height: 1.4 - 1.65 metres. Vauxhall Motors building vans in Britain. Fuel economy is a key consideration when choosing a van. The wheelbase lengths are 2925mm (SWB), 3275mm (MWB), and 3275mm (LWB). The Luton part of the body offers a storage space for small, light items, such as load securing straps. The interior width of the Vivaro B is 1662mm and the exterior width is 2283mm. The L2 (long) gives you additional load volume over the standard L1 version for the same payload weight.. With a maximum payload weight of 1170kg, and load dimensions of 2862mm x 1636mm x 1397mm, you’ll fit a lot of cargo into the back of a Vivaro. Given the standard load width and height, this gives a total load volume of 5.3 cubic metres. Each racking system is slimline, to maximise load space. For a small van, load space is surprisingly large. They are an ideal mover for large fairly heavy loads with their hydraulic tail lifts which can be useful when trying to move heavy items such as pianos, freezers and a multitude of household or industrial equipment. Fit in two extra people with the passenger bench seat.Use the fold-flat centre seat backrest to create a table for paperwork.Turn your footwell into storage space with the foldable outer seat. Van Leasing and Tax Benefits - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, How to apply for vehicle finance as a business or sole trader, What You Need to Know Before Leasing a Diesel Engined Vehicle, How to Apply for Personal Vehicle Finance, Returning Your Vehicle at the End of the Lease, Novations: Transferring a Lease Vehicle from one Limited Company to another Limited Company. They are long enough to carry items such as large boxes and washing machines and the biggest advantage is items are carried in complete security as they are hidden from view in the back. 581 Maximum FWD. They offer plenty of flexibility and load carrying ability, but have a compact style that’s easy to manoeuvre and can fit into a parking space. She has previously performed on the West End in London and is a Lancashire level tennis player in her spare time. This MK3 Vivaro offers a little extra load area height than its predecessor, with a maximum height of 1,397mm from floor to ceiling. If you're in the market for a new lease van, there are many things you need to consider before finding the right model for you. Call Nationwide Vehicle Contracts on 0345 811 9595 to speak to one of our experienced advisers to find the right van lease option for your business. With numerous payload, height and load length versions, there's usually a model to suit the majority of trades. Height: 1.2 metres. New Vauxhall Vivaro specifications. Both versions will have a standard load width of 1,630mm (1,229mm between the wheelarches) and a standard load height of 1,243mm. 18. Because of its basis on commercial vehicle, spacious interior and length of 4999 mm, we classify the Opel Vivaro Combi in the category of passenger vans . The Vivaro's practicality can be bolstered with an optional load through hatch that extends the load space to 6.6 cubic metres for L2 models and 5.8 cubic metres (up from 5.3) in the smallest L1 version. A medium van with a short wheel base brings the best of both worlds for many businesses. Although you do get more space inside the Vivaro, Vauxhall have made sure that those looking to upgrade from the old model to the new can still fit their existing racking systems into the later version. With a maximum payload weight of 1170kg, and load dimensions of 2365mm x 1636mm x 1397mm, you’ll still have plenty of room to carry a substantial load. Side load doors are 1,030mm wide by 1,284mm and rear doors are 1,391mm by 1,321mm … Typical Load Space Dimensions: Length: 1.5 metres. Vivaro 2900 2.0CDTi 115 LWB l/r; Vivaro 2900 2.0CDTi 115 LWB l/r; Engine size (litres) The interior dimensions (length) of the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro cargo space is 2537mm (L1), and 2937mm (L2). Vauxhall Vivaro specifications. is part of Haymarket Automotive, a division of Haymarket Media Group © Haymarket Media Group 2019. They are one of the most popular types of vans to hire. You can simply remove the side and tailboards, along with the rear corner posts to quickly transform it into an open flatbed body, easily loaded manually or by forklift.They also make the transport of large, awkward loads easy thanks to their spacious load capacity. And use the load-through bulkhead to carry more, and longer, materials. 1904 mm 74.96 in. However, thanks to the Vivaro-e's larger dimensions, there's space available to offer two battery options. At bott Smartvan, we design van racking to match your Vauxhall Vivaro. Have a question about van leasing? What is the curb weigh, 2001 Opel Vivaro A Tour 1.9 DI (82 Hp)? Once you've made your dimension selection, you'll want durable and lightweight van racking to match. City cars have to be small by their very nature, but the very best still offer surprising amounts of room inside. As you can imagine, large vans are perfect for businesses carrying more goods, whether they be larger, longer of heavier. The Double Cab version provides 6 seats to get your team to the site. An example of a dropside van is the Ford Transit Dropside, a chassis van which comes equipped with multiple features and is available with single or double cab, in FWD or RWD, automatic transmission on FWD models, and with body lengths ranging from 2.9m to 5.3m. Peugeot Expert Citroen Dispatch. Click ‘Accept’ to accept these cookies and continue browsing. Choose from two lengths and two heights. Width: 1.7 metres. Space that expands for you Our optional FlexCargo feature lets you create loads more space. VAUXHALL: VOLKSWAGEN: VOLVO: New passenger vans comparison with dimensions and boot capacity. This MK3 Vivaro offers a little extra load area height than its predecessor, with a maximum height of 1,397mm from floor to ceiling. Typical Load Space Dimensions: Length: 3.4 metres. Height: 2.2 metres. What is the gross weigh, 2001 Opel Vivaro A Tour 1.9 DI (82 Hp)? Space within the van is also completely … The Zafira Tourer is a large car, so it’s a good job front and rear parking sensors are fitted on all Zafira Tourer models. The interior dimensions (length) of the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro cargo space is … A typical crew van, also known as a minibus, is a van with side windows and additional rows of seats to the rear. The interior width of the Movano B is 1765mm and the exterior width is 2470mm. Fiat Ducatto. Just open the (optional) electric sliding doors with … The Trafic does better where load volume is concerned, offering one of the the largest in its class, with between 5.0 cubic metres and 8.4 cubic metres of space for the panel van models. No problem. Ford Custom Vauxhall Vivaro. Payload is a load carried by a vehicle, including passengers. VEHICLE DIMENSIONS Front Overhang 833 Height 1960 Length 4782 Load Deck Height 549 Load Height 1387 ... Load Space Volume 5.3 Max. What Happens If My Lease Vehicle Breaks Down? Height: 1.2 metres. Those who travel long distance, however, may prefer a diesel or petrol model. Get details about Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life standard and optional equipment. A dropside van has the side and tailboards hinged along the lower edge, pivoting down below floor level for loading. These are the Vauxhall Vivaro's interior dimensions: You can increase load length by up to 81cm using the access hatch available to load-through the bulkhead (40cm initially, with a further 41cm available if you extend right into the footwell using additional flaps beneath the passenger seat). The Viva isn’t quite as compact as the tiny Smart Fortwo, but it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking it’s too big if they’re shopping in this segment. It’s available in two body lengths and two roof heights, which means load volumes from 5.3m3 to 6.6m3. The Vivaro range is pretty straightforward. To help you distinguish between the different types of van sizes available on the market, we have summarised each van type to give you an idea of what it can be used for, the size of it, the weight it can carry, and the typical fuel consumption that you can expect in miles per gallon. Of course, you could always just opt for the longer L2 model with its cavernous 4.15m load length. Typical Load Space Dimensions: Length: 4 metres. Loading is easy with rear doors that can be secured 180 degrees open, and the Vauxhall Vivaro comes with twin side doors giving you plenty of access to the load space. See specification lists and compare option availability. Vivaro customer offers * Offers effective 19 December 2016 to 3 April 2017. For more information or to amend your preferences, visit our privacy policy. Nationwide Vehicle Contracts Limited is registered in England and Wales and our registered address is Unit 9, Christie Way, Christie Fields, Manchester M21 7QY. More details about this van. Laura joined Nationwide Vehicle Contracts in 2019 as a Digital PR Executive. New Vivaro marks a proud 67 years of Vauxhall Motors building vans in Britain. Ford Transit Vauxhall Movano. If you often drive down narrow streets or roads with height restrictions, a city van with dual sliding doors that allow for curbside loading may be a good choice. A short wheelbase Ford Transit or similar will have a load space of around 2.4m, meaning that eight foot lengths of timber and standard 8x4 sheets of plasterboard will fit comfortably. Although crew vans have side windows, due to both the payload and the size of the loadspace area, they are still usually classified as commercial vehicles for taxation purposes. It has also been marketed as the Fiat Talento, the Nissan NV300, the Mitsubishi Express and, until the model year of 2018, as the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro (next generations are based on PSA-designed platform).

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