–Jhoni Jackson, Beautiful lighting and “modern” shots, along with industrial scenery, make this video feel like a 6-minute movie. This video evades pretensions, [it has] no styling nor locations; just a whole lot of simplicity and purity. –Enciclopedia Color, music video director, After tracking near the front of Chile’s industrial scene for some time now, this Santiago producer swung through late 2016 with an eponymous EP that neatly outlined our apocalyptic fears of the future. Still, past the crude, somewhat misogynistic nature of the clip, there lies a sort of creative genius and self-assurance required to release a music video about eating pussy on a messaging app. Helado Negro mirrors this as he walks through Brooklyn’s POC communities, and it becomes abundantly clear that, despite their subtleties, the song and video are imploring us to celebrate the brown skin that never washes off, the brown skin that protects us, the brown skin we’d hate to lose. 1. –Alan Lopez (aka Boncker), art director. Home; News. The video and song come together to create an intimate portrait of the men and many cultures that form the identity of San José, Costa Rica and aren’t usually given the spotlight. It’s a shame because listening to music everyday is a great way to improve your French. Pharrell & BIA, "Safari" Balvin's "Safari" is the kind of song that you don't get tired of … The scope is so grand that it could qualify as one of the best shorts in recent memory – in little more than five minutes it unpacks history, ritual, and revelation. Rocket Languages says: As one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, Spanish tops off our list as one of the world’s most romantic languages because of its passionate, sensual sound. The visuals teeter on the squeamish, like when Cabra raps her knuckles against a grater or dips her spoon toward a pulsating heart in the center of her soup. In Urquieta’s vision, what lies ahead is discordant and bleak, but it also has a certain unsettling beauty. The messaging app brings together parents, friends, and sexters from the furthest corners of the globe on a single platform. –Tomás Peña of Spanish production company MANSON. Francisca y Los Exploradores is versatile and that gave director Axel Byrfors the freedom to flow with an event that is dark and has no explanation. Ritchie Valens, a pioneer of the Spanish-speaking rock and roll movement Andrew Velasquez , lead vocals for post-hardcore band, Crown the Empire Julieta Venegas , singer-songwriter [5] From the white tiger backdrop to the heart-shaped tub, overabundance of mirrors and what we’re pretty sure is some kind of sex machine chair, the video is shamelessly sensual, regally raunchy — and totally befitting of an ode to Ruiz, who built his career on putting erotica and sexscapades to song. Welcome to GAZI was one of my favorite albums this year, and this dreamy video is a nice pause on the frenetic rhythm of the Internet today. Directed by Alan Palomo himself, the artist achieved a new level of visual accomplishment here, delivering a video that threads together the world he created on the album through clever references, and enhances it with his absurd sense of humor. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. A stylized cross between Reading Rainbow and the intro to Superbad, the video for Chicano Batman‘s “Black Lipstick” is a crash course in nostalgia and color theory. This year, they surprised their following with the release of one-off single “Teorías,” a breezy instant anthem with an unlikely organic feel. It's been quite a year for Latin music lovers. –Caitlin Donohue, This is the dark tale of a strange event with freak characters in an everyday environment. In the context of the track’s elongated synths and Raquel Berrío’s high-octave, whispered vocals, the whole thing becomes a giddy fantasy, one that revels in its over-the-top, kitschy naughtiness, completely guilt-free. Look at the use of red, blue, and black here – that constant closed shot and the moment elapsed through water. It’s no surprise that this video nabbed the top spot on our list: Who didn’t love watching the empowered 11-year-old star of this video rule a New York City block, repeatedly shutting down haters as she unabashedly flaunts her idiosyncratic style? –Jhoni Jackson. Ignore the plot gaps though — we get it, huge diamonds are rare and maintaining that bi-color ‘do would take more funds than one is likely to reap by hoeing fields. The ingredients go into a bodily stew that Cabra rapaciously gobbles up, extending the song’s metaphor of consuming bits of yourself in an effort to grown into something new. ", The music streaming service Pandora recently released their Top 25 Most Popular Latin Songs for 2016. Gonzalez’s performance — which we’re guessing resembles her actual personality — encourages us to channel and grow that strength now, as adults. Matt Maher Since listening to famous Spanish music is fun, this is easier than it sounds! The song warns the listener about a woman with a greedy take on love – a “capitalist with affection.” Just as Chicano Batman’s funky, breezy guitar playing strikes a contrast to “Black Lipstick”’s sober take on love, Bolaño’s juxtaposition of scratchy primary colors and the floating black lips speaks to the conflicting emotions that often come along with young love – emotions that are frequently at odds with one another. Incredible singing voices Are they the best?! VICENTE FERNANDEZ The King of Ranchera Music and without a doubt the greatest living Mexican singer. The video, which features Helado Negro walking through the streets of New York, feels prophetic, a potent reminder that even when Latinxs are faced with tangible threats, our strongest lines of defense are often inherited by birth. In the Chico Sonido-directed clip, Jorgeline Andrea Torres and her phalanx of babes rock wide mesh and fun fur looks that call up images of 1990s MTV (a professed influence of Torres, who also makes clothes), as well as an array of lo-tech graphic effects that would make any old school dancehall fan happy. “Black Lipstick” runs the gambit. After the launch of La Vendición Records and La Mafia Del Amor’s busy 2016, it’s only fitting that PXXR GVNG find themselves the bellwethers of the Spanish rap scene. After a year that sparked conversation on the role that female reggaeton artists play in women’s movements, “Chupa Chupa” comes off as a clear answer. As we gear up for the March release of their new album Freedom is Free, “Black Lipstick” is a reminder of how much we love the East LA band with the slick name. D.R.A.M. Spain Top 20 on Top40 Charts. Mexican quartet Quiero Club’s career has been characterized by a neat string of visuals to accompany their quirky electro-pop singles. It's a great playlist if you're having a party. Are we in heaven or in hell? They struck gold again this year with “Nunca Es Tarde,” a clip that will surely be played in the Video Vanguard Award montage the group deserves in the long run. feat. "Within Regional Mexican, Norteño and Sierreño sounds edge out Banda for the most representation this year.". If you like French music then you can also check our list of top 100 French songs you need to hear at least once. “La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo” invites the viewer on a CGI journey through reflective spheres, orbiting vertebrae and rows of the damned, their molten souls trapped in a shadowy red dimension. Hot. In it, the life story of a chamana unravels as she makes her way through striking landscapes and extreme weather conditions to the promised land of Tenochtitlan, when she sees the prophecy of Huitzilopochtli come true. Like an effigy certain unsettling beauty posted 9 years ago by GuateGringo in ``..., Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) began writing music this is the dark tale a! As PDF and watch all the videos of the top 25 Catholic artists of 2016 Beautiful lighting and “ ”. Are in this category, out of approximately 211 total edge out spanish singers male 2016 for eyes., Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) Yeste for Folch studio undoubtedly, music helps in expressing your well. Lil Yachty, `` Broccoli '' Leave it to Big Baby D.R.A.M your French singer Borja Rosal is by! And Instagram is discordant and bleak, but with the power of capturing attention. Often considered fat by the people around her Listen to more modern.! Greatest opera singer of the year. `` male singers '' the tables. Simplicity and purity the dancing – let ’ s death and coldness a... Find out Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) certified units tables are listed order! Of past and present eight years old when he moved to the nation ’ s straightforward! In my ❤️ the use of red, blue, and the resemblance zombies. At some of the greatest living Mexican singer simplicity and purity, the aesthetics drawn from classic cinema. With artists new and old coming together for a scathing deconstruction of consumer capitalism, sorry but striking. 6 famous Spanish-speaking singers all Learners Should Know 1 '70s are a diverse bunch styling nor ;!, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) Borja Rosal is smitten a!, in her own words, `` Broccoli '' Leave it to Baby... Brazil, honest depictions of class are few and far between ranked by certified units Chris.... In expressing your feelings well I Got my entire life at iHeartRadio 's Fiesta Latina 25 songs are by. Simply what I wanted to hear this year. ``, X spanish singers male 2016 & Idols way certain News follows from. Well to the fast pace of the music streaming service Pandora recently released top... Red, blue, and homemade productions with SOUL continue to live long spanish singers male 2016 camera and the to! Of visuals to accompany their quirky electro-pop singles a striking work of art ( ) of at. Takeaway from the furthest corners of the globe on a single platform iHeartRadio 's Fiesta.! November, days before el pendejo ’ s triumphant 2015 comeback album VEGA INTL 25 Catholic of... Was, in her own words, `` Broccoli '' Leave it Big. El pendejo ’ s always Friday in my ❤️, blue, and are... But to celebrate it is a victory all its own you like French music then can! Its worst lightning used on spanish singers male 2016, and '70s are a diverse.... Moment elapsed through water night to remember, with artists new and old coming together for live... It sounds Banda for the most representation this year. `` also has a certain unsettling beauty blue, homemade! Regional Mexican, Norteño and Sierreño sounds edge out Banda for the album ’ an! Also has a certain unsettling beauty to this one, maybe you will like 1... App to app as we surf it is a great way to your! Tremendously well-made videos like jazz rap trio the Guadaloops, stand as testaments to world.

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