it really should be a more standard feature. I am running 3ds system version 11.4 with CFW installed, once I have updated I can no longer use HANS to boot up games anymore. Enable screen capture on CFW that don't has the feature. So, I my question is, are there any tools that allow me to screenshot 3ds games other than HANS? Hello! Homebrews already tested on CFW 4.85 will also work on 4.86, except for some apps like SEN Enabler which need to be updated to support the new firmware. If you disabled CFW Syscall, Sony will see your console if is running on OFW Mode and history file then you won't be banned. If so, then please leave a post about it. Ottoauto Posted: Wed. Jan 16, 2019 ... 2020, in forum: PS3 - Console, Accessories and Hardware. Take screenshots … "Record PS3 Gameplay Without Capture Card (CFW Only)" :: Login/Create an Account:: 3 comments If you would like to post a comment please signin to your account or register for an account . Also, Sony only cares CFW/Cheat/Mod menu at ban risk. Enable selection of emulator for PS1 and PS2 on B/C consoles Various improvements on File Manager (file & folder icons, links to navigate faster, mount ISO, mount net0/ or net1/, preview images, copy/paste/delete files & folders) Replies: 1 Views: 861. nicolasotto Dec 6, 2020. it is possible to update it easily from any Costum Firmware CFW. The CFW 4.86 Ferrox Cobra 8.20 has been tested on the Playstation 3 NOR and NAND, and the conclusion is considered very stable. Record games, online videos, webcam videos, video tutorials and other on-screen activities on Windows and Mac PC. download all version of cfw for ps3 [ cfw STANDARD CEX , DUAL BOOT , COBRA CEX, cfw NO BD ] for any PlayStation in custom firmware 4.85 or low ... Support for XMB game screenshot. Download: CEXFERROXCOBRA487.pup (199.1 MB) i think console devs are still a bit scared of giving the end user so much control (the ability to take screenshots of bugs or whatever). Main Features of PS3 Gameplay Recorder Software. Proceeding the 4.87 PS3 OFW Update and their previous revision, over the holidays PlayStation 3 developer @Alexanderss released Ferrox PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) 4.87 v1.00 Cobra 8.20 adding support for PS3 Firmware 4.87 with the changes detailed below for those in the PS3 Scene that still own a PlayStation 3 video game console. i can't speak for PS3, but because custom firmware on PSP allows it with high compatibility, it seems like PSP could have the feature built in to the official firmware NOTE: DO NOT USE CHEAT/Mod Menu, that you can get banned, they reporting/flagged your username or take a screenshot from your username possibly. download all version of cfw for ps3 [ cfw STANDARD CEX , DUAL BOOT , COBRA CEX, cfw NO BD ] for any PlayStation in custom firmware 4.85 or low. These can record PS3 screen in HD mode. CFW doesn't really affect NDS-mode, so there's nothing you can use unless you have a capture card (which works regardless of what you are running). Considering of high cost, if you just record PS3 screen gameplay for fun, then you can try other screen capture ways. Support to capture system audio and microphone audio together. Home Forums > PlayStation 3 Forums > PS3 Jailbreak CFW and PS3HEN > PS3 CFW 4.87.2 Evilnat Cobra [CEX] Discussion in ' PS3 Jailbreak CFW … Using screen recorder to record PS3 screen without capture card is the most frequent way. You can even share streaming PS3 gameplay screen to YouTube too. Anyways thanks for viewing this thread. RELEASE Kingdom Hearts Screenshot Watermark Remove.

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