The difference is in how you choose to earn that degree and what you plan to do with it. In choosing a specific program, it’s also important to consider your virtual professors’ accessibility levels, teaching styles, and homework loads. Colorado State University’s Global Campus offers a wide variety of bachelors and masters-level degree programs online in an accelerated format. Apply or request more information today. The schools listed below offer some of the fastest, most reputable, and most affordable online doctorate degrees out there. However, certain bachelor degree programs will take less than one year, like several listed above. The University of Miami offers an accelerated, online Master’s of Science in Finance degree that can be completed in as little as 16 months. In a traditional bachelor's degree program, full-time students earn their degree in four years, while part-time students take longer. Through any of these programs, you’ll acquire business growth skills and industry etiquette. Trine offers an accelerated online Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice that takes just under one year to complete. School Status: Public Tuition: $375-$420 per credit hour Length of Accelerated Programs: 4-6 semesters Accelerated Programs Offered: Nursing, Phone: (800) 467-0227 Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. However, by participating in an accelerated online program, you can earn the same degree in as little as 12 months. This program provides several intervention-type courses that apply cognitive neuropsychology principles. To pursue undergraduate accelerated degrees at Bay Path's American Women's College, candidates must be female and meet other key criteria. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.!!! In a traditional school setting, it will take about two years to earn a master’s degree, assuming you’ve already completed your bachelor’s. Additionally, students have the option of continuing their education and/or earning a supplemental certificate in financial decision making or corporate finance, which both increase graduate marketability. Accelerated degree programs, offered online and on-campus, generally consist of short or condensed online classes. Before choosing to earn your degree online, consider how much free time you’ll have to devote to class and homework. These programs require students to adhere to demanding school schedules and balance heavy course loads. However, the requisites for joining any accelerated online degree program are more and stricter than those in the case of a traditional on-campus degree course. This model allows you to juggle your education, family obligations, and work schedules without having to sacrifice too much in any direction. The Florida Institute of Technology offers an AA program in accounting, which can be earned in as little as 20 months through an accelerated, online curriculum. The University of Arkansas offers several online, accelerated doctoral programs in education leadership, adult lifelong learning, and many other specialties. Curricula centers on global economic issues and how they pertain to individual companies while also providing comprehensive team leadership training. The time to complete these degrees varies by subject. Online learners in a bachelor's in psychology program learn psychological theories through case studies and experiential learning. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Regent University is an accelerated online program that allows students to complete their degree in a short amount of time. Motivated students seeking to earn degrees in compact timeframes benefit from purpose-built structures that emphasize applied learning. Depending on the number of credits a student needs and how many weeks their accelerated classes last, learners can complete their degree in three years or less. If you haven’t decided which career path you’d like to take, you can earn an Associate in Arts at FSCJ in as little as 18 months, depending on which college credits you already have and how they transfer. Graduates from these programs often find work as human resource specialists and market researchers. Masters), Cheapest Online PHD Programs and Online Doctoral Programs. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of the most prestigious online schools in the nation. As of the 2019-20 school year, this accelerated lineup includes 11 majors in various business, computer science, economics, and management fields. Fast-track learning is available to students with cumulative GPAs of at least 3.0. The communication and business administration paths offer five-week and eight-week terms, while the accelerated computer science and elementary education programs deliver courses in compact eight-week sessions. Gone are the days of having to spend hours in a stuffy classroom! The college offers one accelerate online bachelors degree program which is their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Thanks for your request. School Status: Private Tuition: $295-$320 per credit hour Length of Accelerated Programs: 3 years Accelerated Programs Offered: Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Computer Information Systems, Economics and Finance, Fashion Merchandising and Management, Hospitality Business, Marketing, Operations and Project Management, Sport Management, Phone: (800) 668-1249 Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. The degree is designed specifically for those looking to become a firefighter or pursue a profession that enables them to assist in emergency situations involving fire. School Status: Public Tuition: $530-$1,153 per credit hour Length of Accelerated Programs: 7.5-week terms Accelerated Programs Offered: Applied Science, Art, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Business, Business Data Analytics, Communication, Computer Information Systems, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics, Educational Studies, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, English, Geography, Global Health, Global Management, Global Studies, Graphic Information Technology, Health Sciences, History, Information Technology, Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance, Interdisciplinary Studies, Justice Studies, Management, Marketing, Mass Communication and Media Studies, Organizational Leadership, Political Science, Psychology, Public Service and Public Policy, Software Engineering, Spanish, Speech and Hearing Science, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Technological Entrepreneurship and Management, Urban Planning, Women and Gender Studies, Phone: (855) 278-5080 Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Both programs will equip you with the skills necessary to advance both academically and professionally. Your studies will also focus heavily on organization management strategies, so if you’re looking to become the next Fortune 500 CEO, this is the pathway for you. The Associate of Healthcare Administration is designed to prepare ambitious individuals for entry-level positions within the healthcare field. Employers generally view accredited online degree programs as equal to traditional on-campus programs. Our rankings are grounded in a few guiding principles and use the latest statistical data available from trusted sources. Additionally, accelerated bachelor's degree programs may end up costing less. A traditional college course lasts 16 weeks, but an accelerated bachelor’s program compresses courses into shorter five-, eight- or 10-week sessions. Ivy Tech Community College is a leading institution that offers an Associate of General Studies program in an online, accelerated format. URL: First, your site is everything and more!! It’s a fast-tracked, easily-accessible path to real-world career success, and takes only 16 months to complete. The school prides itself on offering the type of education you would expect to receive in a face-to-face classroom, especially within its accelerated online platforms. A bachelor's in communication might offer concentrations like news media, public relations, and business communication. Admissions are done continually, and there are multiple start dates throughout the year. A computer and viable internet allow you to take your degree with you. This program provides students with the necessary qualifications to help individuals cope with loss, traumatic events, and grief. Accelerated bachelor's degrees may offer benefits to working adults, people seeking to change careers, and professionals looking to increase their job opportunities/earning potential. Concordia University-Chicago offers accelerated online degree programs that are faster regardless of whether or not you have any transfer credits. In this accelerated online degree program, curricula cover many varying fields, including science, economics, psychology, humanities, and more. Students can earn fast online degrees through competency-based or accelerated programs. School Status: Private Tuition: $355-$800 per credit hour Length of Accelerated Programs: 5-week terms Accelerated Programs Offered: Computer Information Systems, Human Services, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology, Aviation Studies, Aviation Management, Theological Studies, Scripture and Theology, Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies and Ministry, Phone: (866) 873-5388 Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. These programs include the following: 1) Education. Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, URL: You can go into business management, health management, criminal justice, computer science, and much more. Students can find accelerated bachelor's degree programs for different subjects, but common options include business, teaching, IT, and health. For example, the Nursing Practice DNP can be completed in as little as eight semesters, while the cohort-based Teachers, Schools, and Society EdD can take up to four years to complete. Breyer State allows you to earn a Doctoral Degree in Grief Counseling in just one year. You have plenty of fields to choose from when enrolling at this online educational institution. Learners in these programs may also end up paying less for their degree because they spend less time in school. Accelerated Online Degree Programs. Rasmussen’s online bachelor’s degree programs are some of the most fully-comprehensive, easily-accessible programs of their kind. However, these programs generally allow students to graduate in around three years. Degree(s): Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science, Time to complete: 12 months (10-week terms), URL: The program is designed to equip students with real-world solutions, ensuring they’re prepared for a lifelong career from the moment they graduate. Students in these programs cover the same material as learners in a traditional bachelor's program, but they do so while following a more intensive timeline. Whether you deploy, have a job, kids or simply live far from your college. Associates | Bachelor’s | Master’s | Doctorate. The degree program allows you to transfer up to 90 credits and it offers eight-week courses for accelerated classes. However, in finding a college that will put you on an accelerated track, you can earn that doctorate in as little as 18 months. Students pursuing this diploma become familiar with the changes needed in modern education systems around the world. The length of an accelerated bachelor's degree program varies depending on the institution. The school also supports generous financial aid programs, with 99% of full-time, first-time undergrads qualifying for assistance. Hi Martha! By far, Trine offers the fastest online master’s degree program out there. Although the coursework is relatively rigorous, the outcome is infinitely rewarding. LETU is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Within the Bachelor of Science in Analytics program, however, you’ll undertake communications projects, master data analysis tools, and cultivate some core statistics skills. They are available at the associate, bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and certificate levels. 4) Business Administration. Degree(s): Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting, URL: Online learners can complete these self-paced classes in as little as three months, and transcripts make no distinction between online and standard courses. For example, it takes about 18 months to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Management, through which you will learn how to handle legal issues, financial procedures and much more pertaining to health services management. Pay attention to the “Cost” for these schools. Many current marketing programs offer classes in digital marketing and social media marketing. Students who earn a bachelor's in information technology management learn about the ethical use of technology in business, as well as effective strategies for system design and maintenance, data manipulation, and organizational restructuring. A bachelor's program in marketing teaches students how to market a product and communicate with others. In all, the program takes about 15 months to complete, but the academic and professional benefits that you’ll reap from it will undoubtedly last a lifetime. A doctorate degree generally takes about 8 years to obtain. Students learn to align marketing strategies with company missions and goals while maintaining strong business ethics. All in all, the University of North Texas offers the fastest MBA programs out there and, as an institution, it will help you reach your goals with efficiency and purpose. The tuition price of an accelerated Master’s Degree is $6,150, while the cost of an accelerated Doctorate Degree is $7,350. Students can complete their bachelor's curriculum in just three academic years. Accelerated 8-week online classes are available for these college majors: URL: Of course, the time it takes to complete one of the programs depends largely on the subject itself. ULM also supports generous prior learning assessment (PLA) options, which may appeal to adult students seeking to improve their educational credentials while working. Students looking to save on tuition should determine if an accelerated program will make college more affordable for them. Some programs might even allow students with ample transfer credits to graduate within a year. More than a quarter of LETU's student body studies online, and the university's engineering, nursing, and education programs all hold specialized accreditation. You may have the time and patience to pursue the more traditional on-campus route or, like many people today, you want to earn your degree as fast and conveniently as possible. Ranked as one of Colorado's top private schools, Regis features a student-to-faculty ratio of 13-to-1, ensuring learners have plenty of opportunities to interact with their instructors. The University of Louisiana at Monroe offers 14 programs to learners interested in earning one of the fastest bachelor's degrees online. When you are looking at accelerated degree programs online, you want to know the benefits and downsides of the degree program, as well as the potential for your career before you decide on any program. In a traditional classroom, a single class could take up to 16 weeks. The school supports online learners with a lineup of 12 accelerated bachelor's degrees, which are delivered in compact terms that allow for rapid degree completion. In general, traditional universities and colleges last for about 16 weeks. Students learn how to find the best solutions to communication issues. You can accelerate your degree completion with a Bellevue University cohort degree. The program is comprised of courses in criminology, forensic psychology, and law concentrations. All in all, Breyer State offers one of the fastest and most affordable online PhD programs out there. A bachelor's degree opens the door to many career paths. Accelerated is often adult friendly. Business administration programs may also offer concentrations, including finance, accounting, and human resources management. The school offers 30 approved majors to earn a bachelor’s degree in just three years. These accelerated programs include disciplines like accounting, business economics, criminal justice, finance, and nursing. URL: Accelerated degree programs offer the same level of preparation for the workforce as a traditional four-year degree, but students spend less time learning the same material; this enables them to enter the workforce sooner. The school's PLA policies open up a variety of experience-based transfer credit opportunities to qualified applicants. The PhD in Latin and Roman studies also requires additional summer courses and independent study. Completing accelerated degree programs online typically refers to online bachelors degree programs that take three years or less, and online masters degrees that take 18 months or less. Online degrees are available in 134 popular subjects that cover 37,109 unique programs from online schools. We hope our approach helps you find the school that is best for you. These can save students a year or more compared to standard timelines. Degree(s): Multiple Accelerated Doctoral Degree Programs, URL: I was surprised to such an immediate response. Ivy Tech is also renowned for its virtual accessibility and flexible transfer policies. © 2021 a Red Ventures Company, Top 25 Accredited Online Colleges and Universities, Graphic Design, Film, Web Design, Game Design, Photography, Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Web Development, Cyber Security, Paralegal, Legal Studies, Criminology, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Elementary Education, Social Work, History, Communications, Writing, Political Science, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, Nutritional Sciences, RN to BSN, Forensic Psychology, Family Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Ministry, Christian Counseling, Bible Colleges. Whether you take 16 months or 16 years to complete your degree, the end result is the same. Ultimately, however, the University of Southern California offers one of the best education doctoral degrees of its kind. Each school offers its own timeline for accelerated degree programs. Every school on our website is accredited by an organization recognized by the Department of Education. That said, students in an accelerated program may save on college tuition because they can graduate faster than the average student. For example, a number of universities now offer accelerated nursing programs online , accelerate computer science degrees online , and accelerated psychology degrees online . There are few paths to success that offer as many benefits and opportunities as these rapidly-paced programs. If you are looking for the best affordable accelerated 4+1 bachelor’s to master’s degree programs, you have come to the right place. While a bachelor's degree is an important part of starting your career, you also want to make sure you are not wasting your time when looking into a degree program. These options are, however, still separate degree programs. Rasmussen College is another college that offers many different majors to those students looking to receive a bachelor’s degree. As a graduate student, you’ll learn how to study crime scenes, create a list of suspects, and how to act as a reliable witness. As a graduate, you’ll gain the skills necessary to find a career in social work, corrections, law enforcement, and any number of other criminal justice positions. A traditional college semester lasts 15-16 weeks. Many adults do not want to return to college because they feel older and out of place. Discover schools with the programs and courses you’re interested in, and start learning today. Accelerated programs consist of short online classes. The Master of Arts in Educational Psychology at Ball State Online takes roughly 18 months to complete. Accelerated online degree programs are designed for working professionals who want to achieve their career goals quickly, while also saving money on school. Florida Institute students are able to see how accounting plays into daily business decisions, global operations, and so much more. I would like an online school if possible. Show your accomplishment by adding this award to your school’s site or newspaper. Online accelerated degree programs are flexible. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. However, by choosing to take an accelerated online program, you can earn your degree in as little as one year. You literally earn your degree faster by studying faster. These degree programs help students finish their education quickly and get out into the field, where they can earn practical experience and begin advancing their careers. School Status: Public Tuition: $576-$617 per credit hour Length of Accelerated Programs: 7.5-week terms Accelerated Programs Offered: Nursing, Phone: (800) 252-3592 Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Online learners at the University of North Dakota can choose from four accelerated study options in education and public health fields. These programs help people get the education and training they need and return them to the workforce quickly. It prepares students for the real world of business. This guide details some of the best schools that offer online accelerated bachelor's degree programs. in Computer Information Technology, B.S. With accelerated online courses and degree programs, you can work at your own pace to complete a degree at a faster rate. Gwynedd Mercy University is a prestigious institution, as attested to by its large number of graduates. Accelerated online degree programs for working adults from Lamar University give students the ability to work around their schedule and work on their long-term goals, usually in less than two years. As an institution, Ball State takes a modern stance on higher education, assisting their students in the mastery of key elements of success. Each of these options enables degree-seekers to earn a bachelor's degree in three years or less. At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you will make. These opportunities, along with every added benefit of online learning, make the University of Miami a definite standout among fastest and most creditable online master’s degrees. LETU graduates boast a 95% graduate placement rate within six months and outstanding licensure examination pass rates. Accelerated Online Degree Programs (Associates, Bachelors. in Criminal Justice, 20+ additional ccelerated programs (information below). By comparison, classes in an accelerated program might last 4-10 weeks. A leading polytechnic university, LeTourneau University delivers career training through a Christian worldview. Students who earn an accelerated bachelor's degree complete their program in less than four years; these programs require full-time study and often feature intensive coursework. Programs focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, and problem-solving skills to help graduates prepare for managerial positions. Students who earn an accelerated bachelor's degree can finish school faster. Take a look at some of these options You’ll also develop the skills needed to understand psychological theory and practice. Like the other undergraduate degrees, it can be completed in 18 or 24 months in total. For students aiming to continue their education without an exact idea of where they want to take it, this school is a great jumping-off point. While all classes for both degrees are offered online, you may be asked to attend some meetings in person. With the right accelerated online degree program, not only will you be able to finish school within a much shorter time period, but you’ll also be able to customize it to fit your busy schedule. We have four accelerated degree programs for Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree students. We have a pretty big issue with it out here in Utah. Over the course of these classes, students learn how to process financial statements, manage payroll administration, and become familiar with accounting roles. For example, online learners can access many business degree programs. These include child & adolescent development psychology, forensic psychology, and industrial organizational technology. I am desperately seeking a free or low-cost college that will allow me to get a certificate or degree in Drug & Alcohol or Substance Abuse Counseling. However, it will only take roughly 16 months to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. Below, readers can find a list of popular accelerated bachelor's programs, information on typical program lengths, and answers to frequently asked questions. The Opioid epidemic is quite sad and alarming. TrineOnline is the virtual branch of Trine University. If experienced students transfer in a large number of credits, they may be able to complete their degree in a year.

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