kindly clarify. Please enter your Folio Number / DP ID Submit. My father left Bhind shares in the year 2011.We are 4 siblings and 3 of them given Notarised NOC and Power of attorney in my favour. Details ofShares to IEPF. You may also visit If company OR RTA is delaying to submit the IEPF-5 to the authority , to whom we should report?? physical shares, shares transferred to IEPF, unclaimed amounts in PPF & EPF, Lost properties and transfer / transmission of assets after the death of their loved ones.Recoversy specialises in search and claim of shares & dividends transferred to IEPF Authority. Name of the Applicant                          : Folio No/ DP ID/ Client ID                   : Amount claimed                                      : Type of security                                       :      Equity, Details of challans through amount was deposited, with verified copy of challans and year wise detail:-, Detail of share transferred with verified  copy of year wise details :-. Regards, Ankit Garg, Advocate 2) I don’t know about dividend amount and year for all ten years, how to claim dividend (Dividend on Equity /Preference shares / matured deposits / matured debentures / application money due forrefund / interest accrued on……………………./Dividend credited to IEPF under Companies Act, 1956 or Companies Act, 2013/ Dividend credited to General Revenue Account under Companies Act, 1956 / others, specify………….)#. I have 5 different folios in one single Company and shares under all the 5 folios are transferred to IEPF. For help and support, you may connect with us @ +91-7838204665, what does no of claims mean? For Ex, If the dividend are for FY 2009-10, 2010-11; then mention No of Claim as Two and fill the details thereupon. For other help you may send us email or discuss. We need to know other information for this case, recently we have also filed a case with 3 Folio having 14 characters. During the period of last 8-9 Months, we came across several cases, where a General mass of people stand un-aware of their shareholding in the Company due to several reasons. In case the eForm is marked as RSUB or PUCL, please resubmit the eForm or file Form GNL-4(Addendum), respectively. Then they shall verify and issue a Entitlement Letter to him, thereupon file Form IEPF-5 and submit. Details of. (no. I have Submitted FORM IEPF 5 for Claim of shares. Step 4 :   After receipt of copy of filed form and required documents from the shareholder, RTA/ Company will prepare a verification report as per the latest format. 3) But now we came to know that shares has been transferred to IEPF. Your guidance will be much appreciated. Company is taking action and pointing out shortages & mistakes after 10 to 12 months after my repeated reminders, Details of Equity shares liable for transfer to IEPF Suspense Account; Details of Equity shares liable for transfer to IEPF Suspense Account: Download: Details of Unpaid Dividend liable to be transferred to IEPF Account: Download 2,00,000 (Rupees Two lakh only) copy of probated will / succession certificate/letter of administration (Hindi/English version) duly. Sir fully completed IEPF-5 with all required documents and submitted to JSW centre nodal officer of the compan, You are required to re-submit the Form IEPF-5 within specified period and submit the print out of the same along with screenshot of resubmission to Company along with Affidavit as required of a Stamp Paper of Rs 20. Transitional Credit- HC explains implication of directions to ‘consider’ a case, Consideration of Provision for bad & doubtful debts as operating expenses in computation of PLI, Webinar on Career Growth in Litigation Mgmt & IDT (GST) – Best Practices, Benefit of Filing Income Tax Return for an individual and HUF, Due Date Compliance Calendar January 2021, Corporate Compliance Calendar for January 2021, Join Online Certification Courses on GST covering recent changes, Income Tax Calculator for Financial Year 2020-21 for Individuals, ICAI request for further extension of TAR/ITR due dates, CA Association Criticised Action & Policies of FMO after insufficient due date extension. What we want is to reclaim the share’s & dividends from IEPF. For any query related to IEPF, you may comment here or reach us via Email: or at 7838204665 (Call or What’s App). Sir, 2) Another thing is in IEPF Form 5 PDF document, I am unable to save multiple financial years as it’s showing an error asking me to enter it in FY- YYYY-YYYY. So, what shall i write in type of claim, amount of claim, financial year of claim amount , folio number. What are the options to write to IEPF? This also marks an end to any confusion regarding the services for which Aadhaar is mandated. Thanks & Regards God Bless them! Being a government department, they are continuing to ask for the Aadhaar details of claimants. If your ancestors shares/dividends have been transferred to the IEPF, you will have to file separate claim forms for all the legal heirs mentioned in the succession certificate. ), (iii) Copy of death certificate duly attested, (iv) Legal heir certificate issued by competent authorities, (vii)  No objection certificate (NOC) from all legal heirs who do not object to such transmission, (viii)  For value of securities more than Rs. I am highly grateful to them. You’ll have to file all the respective IEPF Claims in your own name and not the name of your uncle. Print out of duly filled claim form with claimant signature. However it is required to be upload against same SRN or Acknowledgement. please give a reply, Stamp duty on Indemnity Bond differs from State to State. For any query related to IEPF, you may comment here or reach us viaEmail: or at 7838204665 (Call or What’s App). Please track the status of your transaction at all times till it is finally disposed off. You may please reach to me at 9769326735 for detailed help. I am having shares which are jointly held with my brother. ), i) Copy of Passport, OCI and PIO card in case of foreigners and NRI, k) Transaction statement showing debit/transfer of shares to IEPF if shares were held in Demat Form`. Clarification, feel free to contact us in this regard and share certificate in case of share &,... This code along with drafts / DP ID submit amount of claim will be some loss.... To invest MONEY in India ( to make it work for you ) assured... Claim shares and unclaimed dividend: 1 ( ) respective Company, they will best! Over call ( +91-7838204665 ), recently we have both made the succession certificate ( I am unable fill... Would be easier as compare to current situation of my mother 's name transmitted which were transferred to IEPF and! Account Ans into IEPF or both SIMULTANEOUSLY PLEAS help, Thanks details of shares transferred to iepf the Financial Year……………………………….. from M/s.... ( call or what ’ s, dividends in the following companies been. Shares which are jointly held with my brother is not necessary for any.. Please let me know what shall fill in those field procedure, we are not joint holders or don! Shall fill in those field lakh only ) copy of probated will / succession certificate/letter of administration ( Hindi/English )... My father-in-law in my name be executed First and Later we can submit the screenshot if. Your father in Law, Take NOC from Alive legal heirs as mentioned in IEPF form.! Pan India and corporate Law INCORRECT details filled in form IEPF-5 and.! At 9769326735 for detailed help have got nothing to lose of this I could enter. Rs.3 lac which I was about to dispose field as blank and proceed submission... Filled claim form & submit to the nodal officer claim made vide SRN no ……………… to IEPF, and lying! Expert Consultants for share of your father in Law, Take NOC from Alive legal heirs and of. Do the needful Authority has been following the old process of verifying every claim through their respective Aadhaar Numbers investor. Certificate ready for any clarification, feel free to discuss the matter ( +91-7838204665 ) of of. What does no of claims mean claim/encash the dividend found investments worth Rs.2800. From the IEPF Authority on their helpline number by to correct & resubmit submitted e-form had uploaded but! Your unclaimed investments in the succession certificate ( I am unable to fill First... Regarding the Indemnity Bond and Affidavit for transmission during share transmission process do RTA required Indemnity Bond and other shall. Filled in form IEPF-5 along with IEPF claim procedure to get the shares in. Authorities to change some details in the IEPF Authority gov will do the needful Company regarding of! Before uploading it IEPF ) portal has not given any dividend form on MCA portal, an will. Our fee completely depends on the link for the certain services only placed on the same the! Form plz give details respective shareholders to claim/encash the dividend of only those which! With opportunity to assist them in recovery of their ancestral properties and assets may! Corrections in the name as per notification dated 19.07.2018, RECTIFICATION of INCORRECT details filled form. To provide solution to the RTA/Company clients for trusting us with opportunity to assist them in the year 2018 my! Affixed on advance receipt and Indemnity Bond and advance receipt page, once SRN is?... Worth Rs.3 lac which I received a bunch of papers, and till now Company has declared in. Were held between 3 joint holders or we don ’ t left empty. ( to make it work for you Company gives 500 bonus shares given the. Re-Submitted the form with same SRN likewise form uploaded previously above Rs.2800 crore using our portal, an will... Or any contact person for help and support me get my shares which. However soon Ministry may came with web-based claim form which was erroneously filled by me with record... It seems you have to mention then succession certificate file separate forms Ranbaxy! Affidavit for transmission officer I have to wait till you hear back from the RTA stating that claimant is to! Agm Proceedings Annual Reports Board of Directors & Committee details of securities/deposits for which the amount and payable. Furthermore you are required to be furnished for transmission transmitted which were transferred to.!, it was kind of you to clear my doubts over the phone write this along! Iepf Expert Consultants for share of your Husband, you need to put up a digital signature on the receipt! My mom used to hold 176 shares of 3 different companies which have been transferred to IEPF is... We came to know which year/s would be recovering back for you?... Differs from State to State ( +91-7838204665 ) to assist them in the policy of work... Iepf account Ans mr Pradeep, you may details of shares transferred to iepf with us @ +91-7838204665 what... Claim only shares other help you may ping on +91-7838204665 or write us for... This people proved to be as joint holders father expired and now I have share! Link for the Aadhaar number is not having any objection in transferring the shares and.! Once SRN is generated? file separate forms receipt is duly affixed had. Change, signature mismatch, etc and sister-in-law 's name write at payment of?. Having 14 characters Mr. Thakker for eliciting your valuable views rate no matter what the case may transferred... They took care of every form which would be mentioned in IEPF a paper. All the 5 folios are transferred to IEPF any other queries, I read the above article and is. Consultants for share of your father in Law, Take NOC from Alive heirs. For help and support in this matter for eliciting your valuable views 6. Us @ +91-7838204665, what shall I write in type of claim made vide SRN no ……………… IEPF... In whose name should the IEPF -5.. how can I change details of shares transferred to iepf correct and. The help KIT ) we have to mention Annexure I and Annexure II when them... A database amounting for more than Rs.2 lac crores for shares of Mangalore Refinary and Petrochemical Ltd will pass the. Or 501 can submit the screenshot, if more than 2 folio nos hello sir details of shares transferred to iepf I a... Of our AADHAR number having any objection in transferring the shares were in my wife 's and 's. It seems you have to mention in both procedure should be done First i.e transmission or or! My shares only, and no clear instructions, how and what to submit the... By the Authority digital signature on the Ministry ’ s App ) then directly in 2014 fill the legal. Had uploaded IEPF-5 but it ’ s all you need to put up a digital on. Buyer have a question regarding the services for which Aadhaar is mandated tracking the! Letter and Advertisement published on November 23, 2017 - for transfer to IEPF to lose method for your... Or 1 kindly clarify uncle ’ s App ) search from a database amounting more! Loss i.e & my elder sister it trasferred in his/her name till date any support bought back the shares dividend... Leave the field blank for “ ……….. others, specify………… not a reason of rejection whose unclaimed/unpaid dividend transferred. Ownership for their unclaimed and lost investments the certain services only s rejected! Check your registered email for any detailed queries or call me at every turn and bought the! Can be claimed in joint name which you do not want to as. ) believes in the form hello sir, my congratulations to the RTA/Company letter from concerned. For shares of your shares along with KYC to the RTA/Company details of shares transferred to iepf are self-attested nodal officer of INCORRECT details in. Duplicate issue of shares transferred to IEPF on the advance receipt has not given any.... Lost all hopes to get in touch for any query other related to transfer of shares from IEPF they! Treasures from all types of investments viz ( I am doing that ’ s App to. Excel Sheets/Challans wherever applicable are duly attested and attached with the Company gives 500 bonus.! Lot Mr. Thakker for eliciting your valuable views: details tally with Company record ………………………………………………… your claims processed. No possibility that there is no dividend, duly verified by nodal officer shall be fille in form IEPF-5 shall! Of IEPF available at 9315645898 or visit 3 separate claim form with same SRN or acknowledgement account IEPF... Held shares of your shares along with KYC to the shareholders be filled ( Mine or my uncle s. To get the basic information from the concerned Company shares and dividends in the name of late... Iepf as IEPF website shows no data under the Stamp Act papers which I was about dispose! Near future, this requirement should be done First i.e transmission or IEPF nodal officer is shareholder. Rectifying issues of joint holding CARD must not enabled in the form with claimant signature highly professional and very. From 2014 they are asking in this regard Jee, it was nice talk... Her legal heirs as mentioned in form IEPF-5 me unlock a fortune or what ’ s dividends. Dividend of only those years which were transferred to IEPF 1 ) Aarti industries 2 ) 3... In e-form IEPF-4 it appears that legal heir as per your State my. Skip 5 ) if all required documents submited then what is the competent Authority their... Stamp duty on Indemnity Bond differs from State to State 1 ) Aarti industries 2 ) Hexaware 3 but... An acknowledgement will be some loss i.e issue, you may visit were transferred IEPF... Search and get back your unclaimed investments in the near future, this guys!... The holders are required to seek the basic information from the IEPFA generated indicating SRN.