FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Contact Vinidex Customer Service for availability of products on this page. Open a faucet or an indoor tap to allow any pressure in the system to bleed off, so you don't get sprayed when you cut into the pipe. It is suitable for applications where the temperature of the liquid does not exceed 140°F, above this temperature it may soften and lose its shape. $2.03 45 Degree Elbow; 90 Degree Elbow; 90 Degree Faucet Elbow; Faucet Socket; Faucet Tee; Faucet Valve T/O Adaptor; Long Radius Bend; Push On Caps; PVC Barrel Union; PVC Joiner; Reducing Bush; Reducing Coupling; Reducing Tee Junction; Screwed BSP Plug; Screwed Bush; Tee Junction; Valve Socket; Valve T/O Adaptor; PVC Pressure Pipe PVC Faucet Coupling: Female thread x Glue Joint Socket. Copper pipe is commonly used for a variety of jobs including general plumbing and heating. Pvc Pressure Fittings ; Valve & Faucet Sockets; Adding to Cart. PVC Faucet Tee joins the same size pressure pipe with a female BSP thread. In general, plumbing fittings come in a wide range of products, but before choosing, you have to consider the cost, quality, and the ease of installation. Wholesaler of Plastic Pipe Connector - PVC Faucet Socket, UPVC Pipe Reducer, UPVC Pipe Elbow offered by Rishabh Triexim LLP, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Use eye protection when cutting PVC to protect your eyes from flying bits of pipe. Sign In to access your account information. As a company with "PVC Fittings" in our name, we receive a lot of questions about fittings. Fit the "T" over both ends of the cut pipe with the threaded neck facing where the faucet will go. To add an outdoor faucet, you need to tap into the existing pipe, and then connect the appropriate parts that allow you to add the faucet. 3/8" X 3/8" STEM TO HOSE ELBOW. Home Plastic Containers Plastic Drums & Barrels Drum & Barrel Accessories Drum Faucets Polyethylene Drum Plugs & Adapter Polyethylene Drum Plugs & Adapter The drum adapters and plugs are for drum faucets or other piping and pump accessories. The PVC faucet tee has two solvent weld joints and one faucet BSP thread. Trim any burrs on the cut ends of the pipe with a sharp utility knife. Spears PVC Faucet Take-Off Adaptors (15mm) $1.35 (Inc. GST) Spears PVC Faucet Take-Off Adaptors (20mm) The priming cleans the surfaces and prepares them for gluing; the glue ensures that the pieces will stay together and not leak. The female-threaded end of the faucet socket provides a connection for a faucet tap fitting or a spray nozzle. ABS shell, PVC inner liner, three screws. 15mm Male BSP Valve Socket Pvc Pressure Cat 17. In 2002, we started the production of PP compression fittings, and we are the first manufactory in China who doing these products. Note: Product availability is real-time basis and adjusted continuously. View as: Show Prices INCL EXCL GST. The faucet socket is solvent cement jointed to a pipe spigot. This adapter includes a leak-proof washer and slip nut. PVC-U SCJ Pipe & Fittings; CAT 18 Faucet Sockets . PVC-U fittings are designed and manufactured to AS/NZS 1477 for various water industry applications. 56 PVC Pressure Fittings. Faucet connectors (sometimes called faucet supply lines) are used to connect a sink faucet to a water line so that water can flow to the faucet. Turn off the water supply. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a versatile material used for pipes, tubing and fittings for transporting liquids. Screw the threaded opening of the faucet snugly onto the "T" to complete the installation of your new faucet. Use the right type of glue for your PVC since not all kinds of PVC will work with all glues. About this product. To add an outdoor faucet, you need to tap into the existing pipe, and then connect the appropriate parts that allow you to add the faucet. Quick view Add to My Wish List. Use this line to connect the water supply to your toilet in exposed locations. per page -+ Add Quick View. Read the label to see if the glue will work for your pipes. Used to connect the water supply to your faucet, this connector features a high tenacity, multi-filament yarn, protected by a special polymer coating for optimum corrosion resistance and durability. It is ideal for bathroom sink, kitchen sink and laundry applications. Can be used for washing machine water pipe, garden joint, household cleaning, etc. Brass Ball Valves with Short Handle – Male x Female Threads $ 14.13 – $ 23.36 Select options; Hansen Hex Nipple Eastman 48138 Flexible Reinforced PVC Faucet Connector, Braided Supply Line, 1/2-Inch FIP Outlet x 1/2-Inch Compression Inlet, 12-inch Length 5.0 out of 5 stars 6 $12.56 $ 12 . Plastic Toilet Swivel Adapter, 1/2" PEX x 7/8" BallCock This ballcock connector is part of a Flexible Water Connector, a braided hose that connects a faucet or toilet the the water supply stop valve. Brand new: lowest price. CODE: 204221-+ Add Quick View. Always work in a well-ventilated space, as PVC primer and glue fumes should not be inhaled. Be the first to write a review. Once all the pieces are glued together, apply a layer of PVC glue around the outer edge of all joints. Past experience as a veterinary technician and plenty of time gardening round out her interests. Plug the water pressure gauge into the adapter, and twist the gauge clockwise with a wrench to tighten the connection. Coat all surfaces to be glued with PVC primer. Compression fittings are one of the quickest and easiest ways to join two lines. 20mm Male BSP Valve Socket Pvc Pressure Cat 17. Plastic faucet connector. PVC Faucet Connectors 48 products Faucet connectors (sometimes called faucet supply lines) are used to connect a sink faucet to a water line so that water can flow to the faucet. PVC “T” connection with male threaded neck. Don't try to replace these, but make sure the end that goes to the supply has the correctly sized connector. The strong, Cut a section out of the existing PVC line. 4 Sets Garden Expandable Hose Repair Kit Plastic Faucet Adapter Water Hose Connectors with 8 Pieces 3/4 Inch Rubber Gaskets for Garden Hose. Connect a copper or brass sink faucet to a PVC water line with flexible hose connectors. The amount you cut out will depend on the size of the "T" piece that you are going to install, but usually you will need to remove between 1/2 inch and 1 inch to allow the new piece to fit properly. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a lightweight, flexible plastic that provides good resistance to ozone, oils, and chemicals. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. These connections are typically used on hard copper pipe and soft tubing that has a 3/8" or smaller outside diameter (like faucets and icemakers). Taizhou Seko Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional China plastic valves manufacturers and plastic faucets suppliers, researcher and developer of pipes fittings. On the inside, our tough PVC tubing resists attack by chlorine, chloramines and other corrosive elements. $0.60 $0.55. Discount Industrial Supply Company – PVC Pipe, CPVC Pipe, Fittings & More. It’s used for both hot and cold water transfer as well as industrial liquid handling. Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the … You won't be able to work on a pipe if water is flowing through it. A recipient of a business and technology degree from the master's program at West Coast University, Cindy Quarters has been writing professionally since 1984. Sand the exposed ends of the PVC so it has no snags or rough places on it. This helps make sure it won’t leak. Vinyl is a synthetic material that resists damage when exposed to oils, solvents, and aromatics. When choosing plastic or brass fittings to use for PEX piping, there are many varieties of tools and products available to use. Used to attach fittings such as sprinklers or valves into an irrigation system. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, The Fun Time Guide: How To Install A Sillcock (Outdoor Faucet).

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