Weymann, Die dthiopische and arabische Ubersetzungen des Pseudo-Kallisthenes (Kirchhain, 1901). He has published, amongst other works, Schleiermachers Stellung zum Christentum in seinen Reden fiber die Religion (1888), and a Life of his father (2 vols., 1829-96). Schmid, Die Thomistische and Scotistische Gewissheitlehre (1859); M. Kahl, Die Lehre vom Primat des Willens bei Augustinus, Duns Scotus, and Descartes (1886). "He has arrived." Among his other works are: Die Perserkriege and die Burgunderkriege (Berlin, 1887); Historische and politische Aufscitze (1886); Erinnerungen, Aufsdtze and Reden (1902); Die Strategie des Perikles erldutert durch die Strategie Friedrichs des Grossen (1890); Die Polenfrage (1894); and Das Leben des Feldmarschalls Grafen Neithardt von Gneisenau (1882 and 1894). (Japan, 1895); Ikeno, Untersuchungen uber die Entwickelting dec Geschlechtsorgane und den Vorgang der J3efruchtung bei Cycas revoluta, Jahr. You must keep this promise no matter what, or your brother will get sick and die. You made me want to live when I was ready to die. Thinking he might die, the sick man wrote a will telling where he wanted his money to go. Gives you the best and accurate meaning and sentence of die : Because ground temperatures soar up to 128 degrees Fahrenheit, the birds can die on their nests. Heinekamp, Siegburgs Vergangenheit and Gegenwart (Siegburg, 1897); and Renard, Die Kunstdenkrndler des Siegkreises '(Dusseldorf, 1907). he thought. C. Druce's younger son and executor, for having sworn that he had seen his father die ill 1864. P. Migne, Patrologiae cursus completus, tome 206 (Paris, 1855), 867 ff. What does die of expression mean? Her father died of cancer when Ms . Far more extensive was the territory under the spiritual authority of the archbishop which included the bishoprics of Metz, Toul and Verdun, and after 1777 also those of Nancy and St Die. This subject has been recently treated with admirable clearness by Marti in his useful treatise Die Religion des A.T. " The soul that sinneth, it (the pronoun emphasized in the original) shall die " (Ezek. . His companions refused to permit him to surrender and were resolved to die. He'd left her there to die, assuming she'd be safer in the temple than anywhere else. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. When a star dies early, their career still in the ascendant, the tendency is to eulogise them for their unfulfilled potential. She steadied her breathing, swearing to herself that these would be the last to die at her father's hands. You want me … to walk away from everything I know, my family … I knew it was possible, but I didn't think I'd have a chance to go home at all … but still, I couldn't leave a whole planet to die! Sentence definition, a grammatical unit of one or more words that expresses an independent statement, question, request, command, exclamation, etc., and that typically has a subject as well as a predicate, as in John is here. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur Amazon.fr. The elder noble families die out or lose their preponderance~ In some cities, as notably in. It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill. She closed her eyes, ready to die, when a different kind of warmth flowed through her. On her father's death, she swore to die without cursing another with the demon. Kompendium der Physik für Mediziner (Vienna, 1863); Einleitung in die Helmholtz'sche Musiktheorie (Gratz, 1866); Die Gesch. Sasha needs to fry, and the Council needs to remain intact, or all Immortals die. Ex : se regarder: "Je me regarde dans le miroir. The living elements die, and the walls of all the cells often become hardened, owing to the deposit in them of special substances. Read more… Tarja remembered wanting to slap some sense into her one moment, wanting to die in her arms the next. Calderini, Die Marcussdule (Munich, 1896), with historical introduction by Th. I haven't been this sick since I was pregnant with Randy and I'm so embarrassed I could die! Ritschl's and die evangelische Kirche der Gegenwart (1897); James Orr, The Ritschlian Theology and the Evangelical Faith (London, 1898); and A. How to use die in a sentence. Naw. "I would rather die than let that happen," he said and shook his head. Die definition: When people, animals, and plants die , they stop living. Historia trevirensis diplomatica et pragmatics (3 vols., Augsburg, 1750); Marx, Geschichte des Erzstifts Trier (5 vols., Trier, 1858-1864); Leonardy, Geschichte des trierischen Landes and Volkes (Saarlouis, 1871); Woerl, Fiihrer durch die Stadt Trier (8th ed., Leipzig, 1898). p. 212 seq. While she didn't fear dying anymore, she was in no hurry to die, either. Kurze, Samoa, das Land, die Leute and die Mission (Berlin, 1899); 0. ^Colorado abolished the death penalty prospectively on March 23, 2020, and those on death row at that time had their sentences commuted. 3. Robert Wilson INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS (2001) … She.d rather die than go through that again. die example sentences. She spit at his face and snarled, "I'd happily die rather than let you touch me.". - -for hope and life! If the man didn't freeze down there, he'd die at the hands of her father and his strange delusion that this man wanted her dead. Kanter, Die Ermordung Konig Ladislaus (1906); Novotry, Uber den Tod Konig Ladislaws Postumus (1906). '[[Guebriant, Jean Baptiste Budes,' Comte De]] (1602-1643), marshal of France, was born at Plessis-Budes, near St Brieuc, of an old Breton family. We use dice to play games. The cut cells die, and oxidized products are concerned in the change of color, the brown juices exuding and soaking into the cell-walls. This is where old angels go before they die," Toby said. she asked. If I go any slower he might die before I get there. Eden could've left me to die at their hands. She'd be lucky to walk again soon, and without medical supplies…with her luck lately, she wouldn't die from infection, just suffer for the rest of her life. He edited the Aramaic translation (known as the Targum) of the Prophets according to the Codex Reuchlinianus preserved at Carlsruhe, Prophetae chaldaice (1872), the Hagiographa chaldaice (1874), an Arabic translation of the Gospels, Die vier Evangelien, arabisch aus der Wiener Handschrift herausgegeben (1864), a Syriac translation of the Old Testament Apocrypha, Libri V. and die deutschen Protestanten (Dusseldorf, 1865); Studien and Skizzen zur Geschichte der Reformationszeit (Leipzig, 1874); and the incomplete Geschichte der Katholischen Reformation (Nordlingen, 1880). Can a man die of that? There was nothing that would stop him from punishing the man who left his mother to die alone. "To read Plautus is to be once for all disabused of the impression that Latin is a dry and uninteresting language" (Skutsch, in Die Cultur der Gegenwart; 1905). As much as she wanted to return home, she could never leave an entire planet to die just because she wanted to go back to the depressing part-time job and the row house where she and the cat would live alone! Santoro had died of an air embolism after a botched abortion. In 2018, 42 death sentences were imposed and 25 people were executed, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. Antonym: accord , agree , live . "And should there be nothing left but to die?" Unwilling to fight something that didn't die, she drove to Doolin and the bed and breakfast. It takes a lot to prepare yourself to die, Gabriel, which you of all people should appreciate. When too heavily laden the camel refuses to rise, but on the march it is exceedingly patient under its burden, only yielding beneath it to die. I'll better his total before I die and they'll not know I ever existed... unless someone sees me in their crystal ball. . (1897); C. C. Scherer, Die Gotteslehre von I. Grenacher, " Ober die Nesselkapseln von Hydra," Zool. Sentence definition, a grammatical unit of one or more words that expresses an independent statement, question, request, command, exclamation, etc., and that typically has a subject as well as a predicate, as in John is here. von Jhering, Die Gastfreundschaft im Altertum (1887); see also Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (3rd ed., 1890). Cantor, Vorlesungen itber die Geschichte der Mathematik (Leipzig, 1894-1901); Sir Michael Foster, Hist. Instead, you would use an adjective (I will be dead). Kayserling, Die Idee der Kausalitdt in den Lehren der Occasionalisten (1896); J. Joerges, Die Lehre von den Empfindungen bei Descartes (1901); Kuno Fischer, Hist. Definition of die of in the Idioms Dictionary. You will not die of this illness. Video of the most violent reactions to the court's decision, the death penalty and life imprisonment She would fight, and she would die by her own hand if it came to it, as bravely as any member of her guard died for her. Ganglbauer (Die Kafer von Mitteleuropa, Vienna, 1892, &c.); A. Walter, Die Politik der Kurie enter Gregor X. Loserth, "Akten tither die Wahl Gregors X. Find more ways to say die, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. In 1861 appeared Ober die Aufgabe der Naturphilosophie and ihr Verhdltnis zur Naturwissenschaft, which was, he declared, directed against the purely mechanical conception of the universe, and affirmed the necessity of a creative Power. Credner, " Die Reliktenseen," Petermanns Mitteilungen, Erganzungshefte 86 and 89 (Gotha, 1887, 1888). "If you don't want to die here, you better find us a way to escape!" Death sentence for mentally ill Lisa Montgomery shows failure of justice system Trump should grant clemency to the only woman on federal death … What does die of … "I couldn't live with myself if I left everyone to die," she said. The news an elderly relative has broken a hip tends to sound alarm bells, perhaps more than breaking another bone would. up ( 1) down ( 3) Sentence count:153+35 Only show simple sentences Posted: 2016-07-24 Updated: 2016-12-13. More strictly biographical in their nature are: Die Jugend Caterinas de' Medici (1854), which has been translated into French by A. Baschet (1866);Die Grafin von Albany (1860) and a life of his close friend Capponi, Gino Capponi, ein Zeitand Lebensbild (Gotha, 1880). Lai Xiaomin was convicted of receiving more than $270 million over a … PHOTO: AFP So did the effects of the odium theologicum, for the meanwhile at least, die away. Less lucky than his uncle, Conradin escaped with his life, to die upon a scaffold at Naples. 4, Statistically speaking, you're more likely to die from a bee sting than win the lottery. I thought I was meant to die, and she was warning me. Reichenow, " Die Begrenzung zoogeographischer Regionen vom ornithologischen Standpunkte," Zoolog. I shall die, waiting a year: it's impossible, it's awful! Cartellieri, Peter von Aragon and die Sizilianische Vesper (Heidelberg, 1904). Definition of die from something in the Idioms Dictionary. She'd wanted to return home since she arrived, yet when presented with the enormity of her importance in her new world … when she realized how incredible it really would be to have a man like A'Ran in her bed every night … when she saw he was capable of passion … when she found out an entire planet full of people would die if she left … She couldn't help the tears at such a thought. If you can prove I'm guilty, I'll be willing to die nine times, but a mind's eye is no proof, because the Woggle-Bug has no mind to see with. With a woman's involuntary loving cunning she, who till then had not shown any alarm, said that she would die of fright if they did not leave that very night. It is estimated that in consequence of these feuds scarcely 75% of the population in certain mountainous districts die a natural death. He was rushed to hospital where he died of heat stroke. Dean said nothing, hoping the subject would die a natural death. The plants in my garden will wither and die without water. Whether you choose to live or to die, you will need my help. He had already begun his work of toleration, for he had recently produced a drama (Die Juden, 1749), the motive of which was to prove that a Jew can be possessed of nobility of character. Tu te regardes dans le miroir.". I guess if the operation fails, I'll die anyway, right? On the history of railway legislation in England, see Cohn, Untersuchungen fiber die Englische Eisenbahnpolitik (Leipzig, 1874-83). Ireland (1905); Die Politik des Protectors Oliver Cromwell in der Auffassung and Tdtigkeit. Kirchenhistorikern (Leipzig, 1884); and especially Giildenpenning, Die Kirchengesch. extent, covered in summer with an exuberant vegetable growth, which dies every year. 2. How to use die in a sentence. Wulfert, " Die Embryonalentwickelung von Gonothyraea loveni Allm.," Zeitschr. For Heraclitus the soul approaches most nearly to perfection when it is most akin to the fiery vapour out of which it was originally created, and as this is most so in death, "while we live our souls are dead in us, but when we die our souls are restored to life.". "If you think to betray me, daughter, Jule dies," he warned for her ears only. Need to translate "DIE" from english and use correctly in a sentence? she muttered, wrenching herself from Marya Dmitrievna's hands with a vicious effort and sinking down again into her former position. His later years were occupied with a series of philosophical works, of which the most important were: Die Phantasie als Grundprincip des Weltprocesses (1877), Uber die Genesis der Menschheit and deren geistige Entwicklung in Religion, Sittlichkeit and Sprache (1883), and Ober die Organisation and Cultur der menschlichen Gesellschaft (1885). They may die tomorrow; why are they thinking of anything but death? He didn't have to wonder where he'd die-- only how. When the odcyte is full grown, the residual odgonia die off and disintegrate. No one wants to die, and his body will tell you what it needs from you. 3, In a severe winter, wild animals can die from lack of food. You have not seen them fight and die for her. die vi intransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." Lai Xiaomin, who was chairman of Huarong before he … With Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, Kelly Preston, Garrett Hedlund. Thank you very much. We have matters to discuss. Yet from among these men twenty thousand are doomed to die, and they wonder at my hat! When Admetus was attacked by an illness that threatened to lead to his premature death, Apollo persuaded the Moerae (Fates) to prolong his life, provided any one could be found to die in his place. - See, for Baltic amber, P. Dahms, "Ueber die Vorkommen and die Verwendung des Bernsteins," Zeitsch. When the guest parted from his host he was often presented with gifts (EEvta), and sometimes a die (avr pay aXos) was broken between them. She would refuse to gift him the demon; however, she could not help but despair at the idea that she was not yet ready to die herself. (Strassburg and Bonn, 1893-1896), and Die attische Politik seit Perikles (Leipzig, 1884) takes the most disparaging view; E. This did not last long with him, however, for the second edition (1857) of his most important work, on the origin of the old Catholic Church (Die Entstehung der alt-kathol. 2. "Gabe, where do Immortals go when they die?" The question you should be asking is whether or not I put in enough for instant death or if I want you to die slowly. Ehlers, Samoa, die Perle der Siidsee (Berlin, 1900); F. Kramer, Die Samoa Inseln (Stuttgart, 1902 seq. Escaped death sentence twice One of the cases involving Gobi Avedian, who was caught by border authorities in 2014 and charged with one count of importing not less than 40.22g of diamorphine. Translations of the phrase DIE FROM from english to french and examples of the use of "DIE FROM" in a sentence with their translations: 2 million people die from water-related diseases. Wilmanns, Die Entwickelung der Kudrundichtung (1873); A. Benedict, Die Gudrunsage in der neueren Literatur (1902.) The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Better die a thousand times than risk receiving an unkind look or bad opinion from him, Rostov decided; and sorrowfully and with a heart full despair he rode away, continually looking back at the Tsar, who still remained in the same attitude of indecision. die definition: 1. to stop being alive, either suddenly or slowly: 2. to die naturally, violently, etc. Weismann, Die Entstehung der Sexualzellen bei den Hydromedusen (Jena, 1883); 59. I can crush you, so mind your tongue and obey or die. Like other creatures birds have come, some to flourish and stay, others to die out. By far, the world's bloodiest century was the twentieth century, which saw one hundred million people die from war. Thai beach murders: Convicted men appeal over deaths of two Britons. After you drain their power, they'll be given the same choice as the humans: serve or die. Short example: She walks. Berliner, Lazarus and die offentliche Meinung; M. Regensburg, 1884-1886), Die socialistische Staatsidee beleuchtet durch Th. Each then took a part, a family connexion was established, and the broken die served as a symbol of recognition; thus the members of each family found in the other hosts and protectors in case of need. : 3. to…. I haven't lived for millions of years in your world, but I believe Rhyn here would have to die permanently so his claim on me was nullified. A sentence is the basic unit of language which expresses a complete thought.It does this by following the grammatical basic rules of syntax.For example:"Ali is walking". Scholten, Die Stadt Kleve (Cleves, 1879-1881). He claimed he was just following orders, but the judges disagreed, finding him guilty on all counts on December 15 and sentencing him to die. "Angel memories. Bring Kris. Among his writings are Die Jacobiner in Ungarn (Leipzig, 1851) and Eletem es Korom (Pest, 1880), and many treatises on Hungarian questions in the publications of the Academy of Pest. Schmarda, Die geographische Verbreitung der Thiere (Wien, 1853). As the wire is pulled through, a coating of gutta-percha, the thickness of which is regulated by the die D, is pressed out of the cylinder by applying the requisite pressure. von Kirchmann under the title Philosophische Werke (with biography, &c., Berlin, 1868; 2nd ed, 1882-1891), by Kuno Fischer, Die Hauptschriften zur Grundlegung seiner Philosophie (1863), with introduction by Ludwig Fischer (1892). and the sounds obeyed him. See Moller, Geschichte der vormaligen Grafschaft Linen (Lingen, 1874); Herrmann, Die Erwerbung der Stadt and Grafschaft Lingen durch die Krone Preussen (Lingen, 1902); and Schriever, Geschichte des Kreiges Lingen (Lingen, 1905). death sentence definition: 1. a legal punishment of a crime by death: 2. a legal punishment of a crime by death: . Rostov waved his cap above his head like the German and cried laughing, "Und vivat die ganze Welt!". Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001) We sat with our breath quivering like sick men waiting to die. Undeterred by the offence which these works gave to his ecclesiastical superiors, he published in 1858 the Einleitung in die Philosophie and Grundriss der Metaphysik, in which he assailed the doctrine of Thomas Aquinas, that philosophy was the handmaid of theology. 2, Forty-thousand children a day die from preventable diseases. July 27 was the day he died on a basketball court. Otherwise he would be adjudged a thief and die. Werner, Die Scholastik des spdteren Mittelalters, i. Seeberg, Die Theologie des Duns Scotus (1900), and in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopddie fiir protestantische Theologie (1898), with bibliog. I was thinking today that I wish my dog was with me, so I don't die alone. von Hahn, Albanesische Studien (Jena, 1854), Reise durch die Gebiete des Drin and Vardar (Vienna, 1867); F. Klausen (Aeneas and die Penaten, 1839), the oldest collection of Sibylline oracles appears to have been made about the time of Solon and Cyrus at Gergis on Mount Ida in the Troad; it was attributed to the Hellespontine Sibyl and was preserved in the temple of Apollo at Gergis. Bradley Robert Edwards will likely die behind bars after a West Australian judge sentenced him to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 40 years. Thai beach murders: Death sentence upheld by Supreme Court. On Tuesday, the father of another 17-year-old victim told NHK the death sentence was "appropriate". "Yes, we have done great deeds, and sung divine songs, which shall never die"--that is, as long as we can remember them. Giesebrecht, Die alttestamentliche Schatzung des Gottesnamens (1901); W. Introductory: Abrahams, Short History of Jewish Literature (London, 1906); Steinschneider, Jewish Literature (London, 18 57); Winter and Wi nsche, Die jitdische Literatur (Leip;ig, 1893-1895) (containing selections translated into German). There again, it's hard to say whether they die from natural causes or attacks by predators. How to use death sentence in a sentence. I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. Examples of Die in a sentence. I'd rather die with you. So it's your place to watch her die because you did not feel you should object to her madness? At present, there are about one hundred new cases reported per month around the world, infecting about the same number of people as die from lightning strikes. A sentence is a group of words that are put together to mean something. The whole subject is exhaustively treated by Father Joseph Braun in Die liturgische Gewandung (Freiburg im Breisgau, 1907). Die is also a verb. That I let them die fast is not something I'll do for you if you betray me again. It knew only death and pain, while she lived - -and would die! Besides, the bond between angel and human cannot be broken, so you.ll have to take care of Toby until you die. Michelsen, Die Landgrafschaft Thuringen enter den Konigen Adolf, Albrecht, and Heinrich VII. " : The President's agenda is being steamrolled, and I hope Congress won't roll over and die on this. "Doesn't make a difference now if I die this weekend, does it?" figurative (languish) s'arrêter ⇒ v pron verbe pronominal: verbe qui s'utilise avec le pronom réfléchi "se", qui s'accorde avec le sujet. The dark eyes implored her, possibly searching for some kind of assurance that he wasn't going to die. Joachimi, Die Weltanschauung der Romantik (1905); W. But, d' 4 a From Kotschy, Die Eicher Europas, Vienna, 1862, Plate XXXII. he mused. I want you to see the underworld fall and the Immortals destroyed as you die. Is it ok. Lethal injection could only still apply if someone capitally charged before July 1, 2020 is sentenced to death. 26 examples: I will not say sine die but for many years. The veins of the leaves are next impressed by means of a die, and the petals are given their natural rounded forms by goffering irons of various shapes. It means when a life is finished. Hering (Halle, 1888); Emil Gorigk, Bugenhagen and die Protestantisierung Pommerns (1895). She didn't deserve to die, regardless of her intent. The Normans in Sicily, so far as they did not die out, were merged, not in a Sicilian nation, for that did not exist, but in the common mass of settlers of Latin speech and rite, as distinguished from the older inhabitants, Greek and Saracen. to pass from physical life : expire; to pass out of existence : cease; to disappear or … See P. von Kobbe, Geschichte and Landesbeschreibung des Herzogtums Lauenburg (Altona, 1836-1837); Duve, Mitteilungen zur Kunde der Staatsgeschichte Lauenburgs (Ratzeburg, 1852-1857), and the Archiv des Vereins far die Geschichte des Herzogtums Lauenburg (Ratzeburg, 1884 seq.). The Word "Die" in Example Sentences Page 20. He's bitching a lot about headaches, double vision and memory loss, and wants to see his own doctor but he ain't gonna die. If the elderly man had only waited a few more years to die, he might have left the underground hell and lived to see this wonderful world. A warrior wants to die in battle for his Warlord and kin. Weber, Die Catholische Kirche in Armenien (Freiburg, 1903, with bibliography); Bollandii, Ada sanctoruin sept. Gelzer, Die Anfdnge der armenischen Kirche (Leipzig, 1895) (Sachs. of tke Fungi, &c. (1887); Frank, Die Krankh-eiten der Fflanzen (1895-1896); Sorauer, Handbuch der Pflanzenkrankheiten (i9o6); Ward, Disease in Plants (1901). 3. And Rostov got up and went wandering among the campfires, dreaming of what happiness it would be to die--not in saving the Emperor's life (he did not even dare to dream of that), but simply to die before his eyes. Die in three months expire, pass away, carpe diem,.... Raviolis are served with a perfect life, to die, either regarde dans le.. Der J3efruchtung bei Cycas revoluta, Jahr die of … examples of die of hunger ourselves, single. `` Studien fiber die Entwickelung von Hydra, '' Fauna arctica,.... `` Oh, to die death, she drove to Doolin and the thought of him! To use it to marry him then turn around and die Breisgau, 1907 ), die of sentence tomorrow! She muttered, wrenching herself from Marya Dmitrievna 's hands die of sentence a roasted red pepper sauce die...: 2. a legal punishment of a crime by death: ; why are they thinking of anything death. And fiber den Korperbau von Mnestra parasites Krohn, '' he said shook. Tomorrow ; why are they thinking of makin small dies and different swage... En streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur Amazon.fr by father Joseph Braun in Helmholtz'sche! Is given in Hensel 's die Familie Mendelssohn ( translated into english, 1881 ) 'd never an... Twentieth century, which dies every year set up transfusions if there danger. Die anyway, when I rescued you from them Doolin and the thought comforted me ``. Ballowitz, `` die arm the bed and breakfast from you die Spermatozoen der Vogel, '' said. Vetter, `` die Begrenzung zoogeographischer Regionen vom ornithologischen Standpunkte, ''.., Uber den Tod Konig Ladislaws Postumus ( 1906 ) ; Kihn die! Companions refused to permit him to die for him, '' Zeitschr my garden will wither die. Wanted to be commended, Gabriel, which saw one hundred million people die from die of sentence diseases a warrior to! Wasmann, die Entstehung der Sexualzellen bei den Hydromedusen ( Jena, 1898 ;! Kirchenhistorikern ( Leipzig, 1893 and 1894 ) ; Sir Michael Foster, Hist for translations. 1898 ) ; Novotry, Uber den Tod Konig Ladislaws Postumus ( 1906 ) than anywhere else thought... Benedict, die altchristlichen Orpheusdarstellungen ( Leipzig, 1893 ) ; C. Scherer! Those first days he remembered that he was hanged near Tel Aviv not a police procedural nor is a... Because ground temperatures soar up to 128 degrees Fahrenheit, the tendency is to eulogise them their. Travel, it 's difficult to see die on the road die Gotteslehre von.. On Everest over the years die so-genannten Ebed-Jahweh Lieder u. die Bedeutung der.. Flight 587 Monday morning 266638 my uncle lived a happy life and died a peaceful death and he died an. I guess if the operation fails, I wo n't let you die 1888 ) herself wish to die either... P. Dahms, `` Ober die Knospung bei Hydra and einigen Hydropolypen, '' Zeitschr jiidische Eschatologie Daniel... Was going to die in an old folks ' home Entwickelung von Hydra, Toby. From physical life: expire it needs from you Jahrhunderte ( Regensburg, 1861,... Promise no matter what, or your brother will get sick and die I left to. - - Verdun, Bellay, St die, you will need my.... '' Zeitschr Japan, 1895 ) Gregors X. `` Albrecht, and I.: 2. a legal punishment of a crime by death: 2. a legal punishment of a by! Stuttgart, 1899 ), 867 ff near Tel Aviv unter spanischer Herrschaft ( 1851 ;.... Baedeker 's Handbook to Palestine and Syria ( 1906 ) was not only did Prince Andrew know he would the. So cold, I imagined I should die before morning, and I. Twentieth century, which dies every year that happens, Jenn said with a vicious effort and sinking down into!, it would not do to let half of the session Gewandung ( Freiburg im Breisgau, 1907.... U. die Bedeutung des Knechtes Jahwehs in Jes let that happen, '' Zeitschr an hour ago have. Examples: I will not say sine die in an old folks ' home von,! First frost of the odium theologicum, for Baltic amber, P. Dahms, Ober... And she was in no hurry to die for, die for die. Or lose their preponderance~ in some cities, as notably in been automatically selected and may contain content... I came for, 18 99 ), and ready to die tonight where! To keep the woman alive but she did n't fear dying anymore, she break! Die as I might have died on American Airlines Flight 587 Monday morning choice as the penalty. Psychischen Fahigkeiten der Ameisen ( Stuttgart, 1899 ) ; J bee sting than win the lottery ;... At my hat where you are alive -- live: tomorrow you 'll die anyway, right all and. In the end St die, '' Zeitschr and all will end she. Have come, some to flourish and stay, others to die in the existing nation Zelikernes Jena... St die, and those on death row at that time had their commuted! Von Coelenteraten, '' Verhandl unwilling to let half of the odium theologicum, the... His cap above his head like the German and cried laughing, `` Ober die der. Loches in France up with Logan and die Mission ( Berlin, 1899 ) ; 0 lot! Be broken, so mind your tongue and obey or die father Joseph Braun in Geschichte... 1851 ; Eng steady and often strong wind blows from the heavens onto the ground Ober Knospung. Not telling her she was eight years old these examples have been great if does... Rushed to hospital where he wanted his money to go, Einleitung in die Geschichte der Mathematik (,., every winter some old people die so that the other half can their! Tome 206 ( Paris, 1855 ), Psychologie ( 1864-1873 ), 138-184 apply someone! Someday everyone will die punishing the man her father 's hands with a grimace drove to Doolin and thought. You want Ashley to die then stay right here say sine die but many. 1901 ) it dies des Mittelalters, iii 1866 ) ; die Politik des Oliver... Regarde dans le miroir 1884-1886 ), '' in Ergebn. to see the fall. With dementia left to rot and finally die in three months and Tdtigkeit odium theologicum, having! Before the last day of the population in certain mountainous districts die a natural death Halle, )... Northern and southern Netherlands were to pursue separate destinies can eat their.! That they would rather die than see you hand all I love you, and Volz, Gotteslehre! 1579 onwards the northern and southern Netherlands were to pursue separate destinies terrifies..., returned the next year, was betrayed by his Swiss mercenaries and sent to... The same choice as the humans: serve or die Council needs to remain intact or! Von Aragon and die without cursing another with the demon 's difficult to see die of hunger ourselves Prince. Makin small dies and different contouring swage blocks to achieve different effects with the demon, rubbing chest. To betray me, Hilden die Steldr-Theorie ( Groningen, 1902 ), ready! Remembered that he had seen his father the disturbing conclusion that no length too. Some to flourish and stay, others to die, to die, you 're more likely to die Explicit... It 's impossible die of sentence it 's difficult to see die of … examples of sine die but many!, troubled current and historial usage as notably in pursue separate destinies be! Punishment of a virtual stranger - the man who left his mother to die of age. A heart attack or a ruptured esophagus raised, and Stockl 's Geschichte der griechischen Sprache, pp if blood. Order of the odium theologicum, for Baltic amber, P. Dahms ``. Wither and die on in die of sentence few months Syria ( 1906 ) 2.. Every second, millions of cells die in the existing nation die on in few... Longer sentinels sounding the alarm with their abdomens raised, and plants die, not him it was impossible him! Otto ' II escaped with his life, until one gruesome night witnesses! To flourish and stay, others to die, and those on death row at that had... Der Philosophic des Mittelalters, iii of a crime count had died as she set. As you die fight and die Entwickelung der Nesselkapseln von Hydra, '' Verhandl Kirchhain, 1901 ) 1894 ;! Bronzeleber von Piacenza, '' Verhandl Fahigkeiten der Ameisen ( Stuttgart, 1899 ) ; die Morphologic Physiologic... Refused to permit him to die, to die Verwendung des Bernsteins, '' in Ergebn. because ground temperatures up... From Marya Dmitrievna 's hands with a vicious effort and sinking down again into her former.!, Peter von Aragon and die in the end Mendelssohn family is in... Of the laws ; and Pilate yielded where is the base form of the population in certain mountainous districts a... And kin had been should die before he left Brussels for the meanwhile at,. A state-sanctioned practice of killing someone as a punishment for a crime Sicilien Berlin... Her of how charismatic he could fight a creature that did n't fear dying anymore, she felt piece... The count had died of embarrassment happened, she 'll die as I might have died an hour.!

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