Process of destruction of soil aggregates by mechanical force in soils with excessive moisture content. Rice can be cultivated in both acidic as well as alkaline soil. The bottles were cut horizontally and the lower part of the bottle was filled with water. Nowadays I am really wants to Paddy’s cultivation how to do and good product. If the area of cultivation is prevalent in bacterial diseases like leaf blight, then the seeds must be soaked in Streptocycline solution for 12 hours. Harvesting is the process of collecting the mature paddy crop from the field. Generally paddy seedlings are first prepared in nursery and then transplanting is done in the field after about 40 days. Yellow to white lesions along the margin gradually spreading around the whole leaf. One of the essential factors in rice cultivation is in-time rice harvesting otherwise the grains would shed. Rice is the seed of a grass variety called Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima. Rice Milling International organization of Scientific Research 35 | P a g e produced as an intermediate product. The drop in paddy cultivation is because farmers don’t find it remunerative. Therefore, rice cultivation is practiced in those places wherein the labor cost is less and rainfall is high. New cultivation method promises low cost, high yield for paddy farmers. Post harvesting, drying is carried out gradually under shade. ... Our export quality Rice is processed from the paddy collected from bed of Himalayas i.e fertile land of Punjab. It requires low investment. If the cultivating soil has rich organic matter and if it powders easily on drying or forms a puddle when wet then it is considered to be ideal. horses and cattle, and paddy cultivation. Sometimes hand-winnowing machines are also used. Paddy plant has a fibrous root with the plant growing upto 6 feet tall. Last year, we were promised an incentive of Rs 2,000 per acre in lieu of processing paddy stubble instead of burning it but that money never reached the farmers.” Mandeep, who has been cultivating paddy in 11 acres, says they have formed “Kheti Bachao Committee” to oppose the government’s new decision. They must be compact and high enough to avoid overflowing of water in case of rains. This is especially in case of places with lower water supply. Paddy cultivation process in Bangladesh. It is hence widely cultivated in India and other parts of Asia such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc. The bottles were cut horizontally and the lower part of the bottle was filled with water. Soak the seeds in carbendazim for 12 hours before sowing. I am 65years old 40 years out sides India for jobs. Market demand is always high. Early maturing varieties are normally grown during this time. But from the economic point of view, use of oil cakes is not advisable in rice cultivation. Harvesting can be done manually or by machine. The land is thoroughly ploughed and flooded with water upto 5cm in depth. 2 Origin of rice plant Evidence says in China or in India Species z22 species are documented in the world - 20 wild species and 2 cultivated species • 2 cultivated species are Edited_340 words Margao: The mechanisation of paddy cultivation in Goa has led to a steep decline in the number of farmers practicing the SRI method of paddy farming over the last few years. Hence this study is an attempt to extract the inherent factors lies in the development of paddy cultivation in this district. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. This ensures the seed protection from fungal diseases. Commercial production can be started investing only few thousand which is 5 to 10 k or less.

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