Here's how using the Vizio smart TV remote … Unplugged 30min. The TV (coaxial cable) input must be selected. How do I get my RCA tru flat tv from channels to input so I could watch my DVD player: Can't find any input selection on 2005 toshiba without remote, or with the channel buttons: How do I scan channels with no remote & my vizio only has power-volume-input buttons. 3. Different manufacturers and different sets have different options. Knowing how to change the input on your Roku TV is essential if you have other devices hooked up to your TV, like a cable box or game console. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories . Press the input button on your TVʼs remote. Refer to your Satellite Receiver owner’s manual to hook up your Satellite Receiver. If this remote’s MENU key doesn't access the menu system for your component, you'll need to use the original remote to change menu settings. Make sure your components are turned on and your TV is set to the component's input. When I go in thru RCA input it doesn`t work. 0 A. americanaudiophile Titan. Keeps flashing OH. Press the INPUT button located at the back of the TV panel. Unable to work power switch. The name of the input will be the same as the name of port. I am trying to connect a replay tv to it. Many of the TVs also have 4K resolution with UHD and HDR capabilities. I have an Insignia 46" TV (model NS-461780A) with a Comcast remote (model M1067 - silver remote with red ok/select button). <
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